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What would you change about your life if you knew you would never die?

Asked by Vignette (2874points) 1 week ago

Your Doctor just shared some good news with you that you will never die. Talk about a game changer! Or not? What would you do differently now that you know your bag of bones will have to last you for eternity. Also your eternalness will be as you are this very moment.

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I wouldn’t walk as fast.

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I would find out what’s inside me that could allow my family eternal life. I do not want to see them die.

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Does this entail not starving/ going hungry?

Is it okay to have it officially verified that I do not get old, die, and will live indefinitely? If not, in thirty or forty years it would be hard to prove I was me, wouldn’t it?

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@Yellowdog Each eternal life body comes with a born on date tattoo, a toiletry kit and air freshener.

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Will I remain the same age forever?

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Yup, According to @Vignette ‘s original post, you will stay forever as you are now

What I wouldn’t know about is, we go hungry and can die from cold, or lack of protection and get murdered. Food and protection from elements and violence are essential to staying alive. So, what about them?.

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Then I pass.

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Yeah I will pass as well, to go on forever with these arthritic knees NO THANKS!
Plus when do you retire?100 -200 older??
Can’t see any Government or company being to thrilled about a forever pension.

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I would sire another dozen or so kids, the wife wouldn’t mind at all…no really!

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You could adapt to a changing society, world, and planet for a few tens of thousands of years, but eventually. you’d not fit in at all.

And, eventually the sun, the earth, would not sustain earth life.
Do we live in space colonies? Are there still any humans around then?

Indeed, these are long term. But even if in a young body, I don’t think anyone would want to live on earth longer than maybe 150–200 years.

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Another reason I don’t want to live forever is because I’d have to watch my children and grand children and great grand children die and I couldn’t handle that.

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It has been my experience that humans including myself always want just a little more than what we have now. We want what’s just out of reach. I think that is true with life / death; we might like to stay young a little longer, and even live a little longer, but only 15–30 years more than what we have.

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I agree^^ 15 to 30 if healthy sounds fine but forever I will pass.

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I’d cancel my annual premium for my funeral insurance.

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I’d research fun and unique ways to commit suicide. I don’t want to live forever.

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By some curious co-incidence my Doctor of Divinity gave me this news only last night on cable tv.

I half expected it so I was in no rush to spread the joy.

I’m full book on annuities anyway (thank you government) and so had no reason to adjust the investment portfolio, especially at the currently low returns for long term fixed interest, preferring the vagaries of the equity markets.

It was still a bit of a thrill, and no doubt it would have been too for the preacher to be honest.

Just thinking about it makes me want to share the wealth around.

Especially at xmas.

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