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What's the percentage of women who think going out with a man five feet six inches tall is something they would do?

Asked by albertutz (6points) November 25th, 2010

Are men 5’6 considered too short for most women?

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I am 5’1” (as are many other women I know), so I would date a 5’6” guy.

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It shouldn’t be the height of the person, but the size of their heart and personality.
Also, the nicest person I have ever known in my life was a guy that was 5’6. I am proud to call him a friend.

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I’m almost 5’ 8”, and have dated several men shorter than myself. If I’m in heels, it would be a lot of men shorter than me.

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I am 5’9” but I don’t date guys so his height would be irrelevant to me.

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My SO is only 2’ 3”. I wear flats.

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@gailcalled My S/O is 3’5”.

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I’m 5’9 and when I was about 20 I went out with a guy who was 5’6 or so. He had a big penis and I think when I was 20 that helped sway me. However, I soon got to where I could not stand him. Now, I still don’t think it would matter but I am attracted to taller guys and I’m more into brains.

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Good heavens no! Now 5’7’’, there’s nothing wrong with that, but five foot six? How could you even consider it?

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@gailcalled That’s feet, not meters, right?

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Something wrong if height is the determining factor. I’m 5’1” also so pretty hard to find someone shorter. Be sure he doesn’t have short man syndrome.

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@papayalily I think she is talking about Milo, her cat. I am talking about Molly, my dog.

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@chyna Ohhh… bwahaha!

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If I’m going to be honest, I prefer a man be between 5’10” to 6’2”. However, height would quickly become irrelevant once I started chatting and had a rapport with them.

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I like tall men too, but it’s not what I look for. If you’re funny or smart and interesting, and kind your height will not matter.

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I know a guy who’s 5’5 and his wife is 5’11. Height shouldn’t matter if you’re looking for someone who really loves you. My boyfriend is only about 1’ taller than me and I’m totally okay with that. Sure, initially you do think you would like to end up with someone who’s taller than you but once you get to know someone and you click with them, those other little things become irrelevant.

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As a man of 5’6” the answers to this question interest me greatly… :-D

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I think the average height for US women is about 5’4”, so I’d say a majority of US women are shorter than 5’6”.

I don’t know how accurate those figures are for other parts of the world; I think the average Dutch woman might be taller than 5’6”.

If we use the US figures and add to them the number of women taller than 5’6” for whom height isn’t an issue, then I’d say that more than 50% of women wouldn’t reject a 5’6” man because of his height.

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I’m 5’1” on a real good day…anybody over 5’4” is a damned giant to me.

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@noelleptc : can you come over to my house and reach stuff for me? I’ll buy you some really tall heels!

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A guy’s height really wouldn’t have much to do with whether I’d date him. I’m 5’5”, and my boyfriends have all been taller than me, but a couple weren’t taller by much. My sister is 5’10” and she’s dated quite a few guys who were shorter than her.

I think the issue of whether a woman is taller than her man bothers men much more than it does women.

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At 5’1”, I would – and have – dated guys in the 5’6” range. However, I don’t know that my husband would appreciate it. :P

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I’m a 5’2” woman and I’d be fine dating any man taller than me. I’ve dated a 5’2” man, no problems.

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I’m 5’4” so you’d be taller than me anyway, but I would date a man shorter than me as well. It doesn’t matter!

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I achieved my adult height of 5’7” at the age of 13 which made me a giantess around pre-pubescent boys. That, and the sudden appearance of breasts led to incredible awkwardness and discomfort that never quite left me. I tend to feel much more comfortable around people – of either sex – who are taller than I am.

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YES. Anything under 184 (6’0”) is too short and completely unacceptable for women regarding a man’s height. I’d guess maybe 1% of women or less would go out with any midget under the six-foot-something range (including myself).

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Just had this old question pop up in my activity feed again. Can update now to say I am currently dating a guy who is 5’5”.

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I kind of dig the look of a tall confident woman with a confident, less-tall man.

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