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What are the chances that this would ever even be possible?

Asked by Berserker (33506points) April 9th, 2013

So I’m playing the Assassin’s Creed video game series, and one of the elements in the game is to climb up really high places, in order to get a better look at your surroundings so you can see what needs to get done in an area, infiltrate places or escape from city guards. you also murder people constantly, but that’s besides the point

Now here’s a random video of exactly just that; the character climbing up a cathedral, and then jumping off into some hay.


For what I need you to see, you can skip to 1:30 of the video. He jumps off the tower into a haystack, which is situated inside a wooden carriage.
I apologize for the add before the vid, can’t do anything about this

Now say someone was brave enough to do this, and had enough skill, or luck, to somehow throw themselves off the tower as to land exactly into the hay…would they survive? I mean, that’s not a lot of hay there. Maybe you can’t see it too well, but there’s maybe two feet worth of hay in the cart? From that high a jump, could you even survive? Or, does it not matter how much cushioning there would be? There must be limits to how high you can fall from something, no matter what catches you as you land? My guess is that you’d smash right through the hay and splatter yourself at the bottom of the cart, possibly even breaking it, and if not, you’d still die, or at least severely injure yourself.
Is there any kind of matter that if you landed on from falling that high, that you would survive, and others not? Like if you land in water from too high, well, that can kill you. What about hay? A huge pool filled with pillows? A big inflatable mattress?

I don’t know anything about hay, or how complicated gravity can be, and I’m kind of curious. Plus, it’s kind of a question for fun, and also an excuse to try and show the video to everyone, and to thank my sweet Fluther friend for sending me three of these games for my birthday.

Would you ever do this, if you could survive? Would it even be possible to steer yourself towards the hay, or somehow make the jump in a way that, after whatever calculations and methods were properly undertaken, you’d fall right on target?

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totally dead

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I’d say dead and flat.

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To expand on it a bit more, from a height of 157m, the height of the cologne cathedral, the guy’s velocity at impact would be about 200 km/h.
With such little hay to fall into, he would disintegrate on impact.

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If you were very, very, very, very unlucky you’d survive the impact but die when the needle skewered your heart. Maybe if someone jumped from a skyscraper onto a giant marshmallow, would they come to a sticky end?
Great games Assassin, can’t help thinking it would be enhanced if Lee Harvey Oswald replaced the main character, although he was very small, not your classic hero type.

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Whoompf! Splat!

We are but leaky bags full of yucky fluids. That cart would be a mess, if you were able to land on it.

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Given that people have survived falls of many thousands of feet (far higher than required to hit Terminal Velocity) I would say remotely possible, but unlikely outside of action films.

The key is sticking the landing; do not lock your knees! Spread the deceleration of impact out over as much time as you can.

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That would not work. And this is coming from the voice of experience. The hay needs to be lose and fairly deep. We used to climb up the stacked hay or the barn beams or even the mow conveyor and jump into the lose hay. The highest we could get was maybe 35 or 40 feet. We had a big old style barn. It sometimes knocked you a little goofy. That high on to what looks like bales of hay would not be good.

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That was supposed to be loose hay.

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You would be dead and washed off the sidewalk with a water hose.

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See this
And this

I’m pretty sure chances of survivability are slim to miraculous. Another thing that may help is if you are completely blitzed before you jump. Usually drunk people survive crashes, even when they shouldn’t. :/

This is the best most bravest freefall I have ever seen, & obviously you need some kind of apparatus for this stuff.

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Obviously in the game there is something about those hay carts. You can pull in numerous enemies and nobody notices. And, when you leap from the observation/mapping points nobody notices you careening earthward. If it were me, they would almost certainly hear and see me falling by the screaming and the continuous streamer of urine and feces all the way down to my death ( would almost certainly miss.)

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Poor Buster!

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He fell about 6 seconds, which would be about 480 feet.
He would be street pizza.

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But one small difference is that Buster keeps on “living” to see another day! lol.

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@majorrich Ha ha, you made me laugh so much I almost peed myself.

As for the question….I highly doubt one would live. Maybe a 0.5% chance, if I’m being generous? But it sure is fun to do it in game. I love getting the view points in AC. ;)

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I’d shit my pants and my heart would burst long before I “hit the hay”. Ded fuh sho. :)

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It only works because the game is a fantasy.

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