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What should I do with this vintage ticket?

Asked by filmfann (45868points) November 26th, 2010

Going thru my older books the other day, my wife found a very old book I have had for years, and found inside a ticket to the 1928 Golden Jubilee Concert and Ball of the Widows and Orphans Put on by the San Francisco Police Department. The ticket is is great condition, and appears to be collectable, but I have no idea what to do with it.
No item like it appears on Ebay, or in a Google search. How do I value such an item? I am not even sure if the Widows and Orphans still have an organization. I am not against donating it somewhere, but I don’t want to be taken advantage of, and have some bozo profit off of this.

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Yes the Widows and Orphans still have an organization. This site might provide some information for you.

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Don’t waste a lot of time with this ticket. Try to get $10 for it on ebay. Then use it a a cool book marker.

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did you look under ‘epherma’ on ebay? that’s what it is and it’s not valuble. Use it for a book mark.

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It may not have monetary value but it may have sentimental value to someone. See if you can find someone with other memorabilia from that event…signs or posters…handbills etc. And then either gift them with the tickets to add to their collection or gain access to those yourself and put together a shadow box with the items for yourself as an artpiece.

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I liked that ^.

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Wait until someone invents a time machine, then go see the concert…

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