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Will my piercing close?

Asked by nimarka1 (942points) February 18th, 2010

I got my nosed pierced around 8 months ago, and on friday i’m getting my tonsils removed where I have to take it out for about 6 hours. For some reason when i got my nosed pierced it hurt so bad i said i would never do something like that again. But i’m afraid it’s going to close. I have changed my piercing where i take it out for 10 minutes because of the difficulties of putting it back in, and it felt like it had began to close. I love the way it looks on me and have gotten so used to it i don’t want to take it out but obviously I have to.
What are the chances it will close?

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I don’t know specifically about nose piercings, but I seriously doubt if it would close in that short a period of time. My lady had to remove her nipple jewelry for the same reason and chose not to replace them afterward. The piercing seems to have closed up over a period of several weeks. Six months later it wasn’t apparent that they had ever been pierced. The healing process varies between individuals and parts of the body.

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i dont think a piercing would close in 6 hours. Normally, it will take a few days for it to close.

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Actually, a piercing can close within 6 hours. You’d be surprised at how fast the skin can repair itself. I’m assuming with it being a nose piercing, it’s a 16 or 18 gauge hole which means it’s very small and can actually repair itself faster than a larger one. It might not close the hole compleatly but it can close enough to make it very difficult to put in any jewelry.

My suggestion is for you get a retainer. You can order them online or get then at most places that you buy body jewelry. Retainers are clear plastic studs that are held on by o-rings. They make it more difficult to see the piercing and they’re plastic which usually means they’re ok for situations like you’re talking about.

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I don’t think there is anything to worry about. I have double piercings in my ears and very seldom do I wear two earrings in each. The ones I don’t use have not grown back and it has been close to 30 years.

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yes,mine did. in time

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@pearls Earlobe piercings are different from nose piercings in the way that are not through cartilage, meaning after a certain amount of time they will not close up.

@nimarka1 I can’t say if your nose piercing will close up in 6 hours, but if you’re very worried you can get a plastic retainer to put in the hole. My friend who has her nose pierced works at a restaurant where piercings are not allowed, and she wears a clear plastic retainer. I found one here for only $1.75, but you may be able to get one at your local piercing place.

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There is a possibility that it’ll close up. Both my lip ring and Monroe piercing close up after about 4 hours. I would look into a retainer and if that doesn’t work then hopefully you can get the piercing back on. If you like it that much maybe consider getting it redone. You got through it once I’m sure you cam do it a second time. Good luck!

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@Masonxmace237 The problem with re-piercing areas is that the cartilage hardens up after being pierced a first time. If you’ve ever had your ear cartilage pierced you will notice that your ears seemed a lot more “floppy” before the piercing. This makes the area harder to pierce a second time and increases the risk of the cartilage shattering if it is not done right.

@nimarka1 Another note: if you do end up letting your nose piercing close and getting it redone, DO NOT get it done with a gun. Go to a real piercing place and get it done the right way, with a professional using a needle.

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my experience with my nose ring… i took it out about 7 or 8 months after getting it done just to change it and putting it back in was the most painful thing EVER. i had to get it repierced and now it’s totally fine… i can take it out for hours if i wanted to without it closing.

bottom line issss, i don’t think that it will close but it could definitely hurt a lot trying to put it back in (mine didn’t hurt to have actually pierced, btw). but i’m pretty sure they make plug like things, they’re clear and you should check out your local shop.

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so i took it out for my surgery and now im back home and thankfully I was able to put it back in! it took like 15 minutes, and it hurt a tiny bit (maybe from the pain killers) but it’s in!
thanks for all your help everyone

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