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Any big radiohead fans here?

Asked by stuff12 (245points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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I am a fan. but not really that into them. Just like their stuff.

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Yes indeed! A glutton of sorts…beside the general question anything else you want to know?

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I enjoy Radiohead. My son is fanatical. One summer he saw them in three cities.

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I’m a fan, but not fanatical. That is, I do not own their entire catalogue as I do with many artists. In addition to their latest, Rainbows, I also have what I believe are considered their two most criticallyt acclaimed: OK Computer and Kid A. I like them very much and suspect I will round out the collection someday.

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I love radio head’s music I listen a lot

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Incidentally, if you like Radiohead you might like Dredg and Sigur Ros (an Icelandic Band). Give them a try…they are both very good, have lots of talent and are very innovative.

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I LOVE radiohead. I’ve got all their music and I’ve been to a couple shows.

May I point out however, that poll type questions are against fluther regulations.

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czech plus.

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Radiohead is sublime. I wish I had gotten tickets for this tour, feh.

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Yesssss! I love them!!!

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I’m a huge radiohead fan. They are simply brilliant. I’m seeing them in August in NJ! Woo hoo!

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Call me obsessed-I have their tour date page set as my homepage right now-the day they open up the LA dates, I’m all over it! I saw them in 2006 at the Hollywood Bowl-amazing…they are one of the greatest all-time esp. in concert!

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I find their pre-OK Computer stuff less than stellar but LOVE Kid A and everything after

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C’mon, The Bends is phenomenal

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Eh, its ok but they certainly weren’t “pushing the envelope” back then. Just sounds too much like a lot of the standard alternative rock that was big during the 90’s. Don’t get me wrong, they are by far my favorite band- I want to like it- but it just doesn’t do anything for me. I like them for their avant garde, no one else can touch what we do sound which they had yet to find at the time.

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love ‘em!

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I heart Radiohead. Don’t have them on heavy rotation these days, but they’re classic in my book.

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May 17th, Houston, 3rd time. Yeah I love them.

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Love Radiohead! Haven’t had the privilege of seeing them live though. Aghhhhhh!!!!

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Radiohead is AMAZING! And so is Thom Yorke’s (lead singer of radiohead) “The Eraser”.

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big fan + have a lotta bootlegs of theirs. for all you like-minded peeps, i strongly suggest the book kid a by marvin lin which is a good critical study of the music + social context. it appears the author is both a writer + musicologist to some degree.

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