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How would you define a hot person?

Asked by hertaru (39points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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Physically attractive but not stupid. They don’t have to be perfect but they must act professional.

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Somone who is physically attractive. In my opinion, hotness is only affected by apearence, but for somone to be beautiful, they not only need to look nice, but have an attractive personality.

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physically attractive, like everyone else has said….UNTIL they open there mouth or you get to know them and its a total let down….then they’re just plain ugly to you.

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One with an ambient body temperature above 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

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I just look in the mirror and start describing what I see!!!!
Ok…that was years ago. This is a great question but truthfully, I don’t have any consistent definition of a “hot person”
There are the obvious things like a tight butt, but as far as facial features, there are so many women I believe are hot, including my wife, but their features are very different.
Another thing I have found is that personality has a lot to do with it. Some physically beautiful women with nasty personalities are unnattractive to me, while some women with great personalities but otherwise rather ordinary looking at first glance can seem Hot.
Angelina Jolie, Hallle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, are hot, while Britney Spears used to seem cute but not anymore.

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@the haight…you look hot! Just fyi!

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i don’t thnk so, but thankyou.

its really different definitions/opinions for everyone.

especially sndfreQ’s answer, he’s right as well.

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Mariel Hemingway 1977— current- or pretty much any of Poppa’s female progeny

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@thehaight—just own it! yes it is different definitions. By the way, not a come on…I am very happily married for 15 years and no come on or anything like that was intended. Just saying it like I see it!!!

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Someone that turns you on real good!

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Confident, kind and funny. Funny is almost always hot.

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Flava. You know it when you see it.

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Confidence goes a long way- someone who’s not afraid to be themself can be pretty hot

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A certain Je ne sais quoi.. that makes you shiver when you see it.
If you’re asking in order to embody it remember, there is no magic recipe, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Taller than me. Dark hair. Snarky eyebrow that lifts. Brilliant sense of humor. British accent. Slightly evil. Helps if they’re named “Jason Isaacs” or “Alan Rickman”.
Seriously, though. A brilliantly dry & snarky sense of humor, dark hair, taller than 5’11” with a relatively fit body (not bodybuilder or perfectly cut, but not 400 pounds, either) is “hot” to me. The sense of humor is paramount. Someone who can make me laugh really, really hard could have serious troll-like qualities and still be attractive to me.

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Scientifically, the answer is facial symmetry.

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