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Can you play a windows media player video on the i touch?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 5th, 2008

i touch

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Natively, no. Jailbroken, maybe (don’t know of a specific plug/source that does it yet). (Safari browser) will allow you to stream video via a proxy server from several streaming media sites, including google video. The proxy converts the original media into QuckTime before it is streamed to your iPod Touch.

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just download the video if u havnt already, then convert it to mp4 and put it onto ur iPod touch (not itouch) via iTunes. and no, there isn’t any app u can get with jailbreaking that will allow other video formats.

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@bassist_king_1: I thought so (re: the jailbreak app not available) thanks for confirming that.

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yeah i did it and it worked for 1 time and i cant get it to work any more, i must be doing something wrong , but yeah you can do it

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