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Would a jeweler work with human bone?

Asked by skeh0138 (111points) April 5th, 2008

I’ve got a small collection of gold capped teeth I’d love to turn into, cuff links, rings etc. Is their an ethical code against working with bone? Please no NAZI comments I got these at estate sales.

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I think so. I would try to find an artist (rather than the average jeweler) who is into the idea. I have a friend who’s an art student that makes neckolace charms with capped gold teeth, they look cool. If you’re at all crafty you buy a Dremel and make the stuff yourself. The Dremel has an engraving attachment that you could do something neato with.

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How did you aquire this collection of caps?

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do you know the person whos teeth these were? i would find the relatives of the person and ask if i could do it or not. they may still be grieving. also, is the gold really yours, or does it belong to the dead person and therefore everything thats his/hers goes to his/hers relatives?

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Money has already changed hands so ownership is not a matter of contention. It’s the mindset or practical sensibilities of your average jeweler/goldsmith I’m wondering about. Again I don’t want to remove the teeth from the gold, I just need them fixed.

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I’m lost, this question is creepy.

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