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What's the difference between a $2000 MacBook Pro and $1900 MacBook.

Asked by monsoon (2528points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone

the MacBook I’m talking about is really the $1300 MacBook with 4gb ram and the upgraded hard drive, 256 I think.

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Well, screen size, and having a lit keyboard are pros.
Cons would be that it’s just larger. I’m not sure that specs themselves get much different than that.

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The main difference your looking at is the fact that the Mac book has an integrated graphics card which is pretty crappy. Meanwhile the Macbook Pro has a separate graphics card that is better for games, production and just about everything!

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The difference is about $100

Okay, so I couldn’t resist! You should know that Apple doesn’t support the idea that its MacBook line is designed for “Pro Applications.” That said, if all you’re planningvto do with your laptop is surf the web and watch an occasional DVD, then you would be fine with these latest models of MacBook. If your intention is to run graphics-intensive I’d bandwidth-intensive pro apps, you’ll be disappointed as joeysefika pointed out, the integrated graphics processor is actually the main CPU running both graphics and processing data.

The MBP architecture is slightly different, with significant boosts in graphics rendering and data throughput. In short-designed withvoro apps in mind. Not to mention that they also come with Firewire 800 and Express32 card slots, which video editors use for low-RES HD video editing.

Lastly, know that Apple is notoriusbfor inflating their RAM and HDD upgrades-if you’re up to the task, buy from a third party and have an Apple-certified service center install them so you maintain your warranty. And do purchase the extended warranty-my last two laptops both had hardware failures (bad hard drive and bad LCD), which Apple replaced under warranty at no charge.

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You’ll want to buy third-party RAM—it’s much cheaper than Apple RAM, and will work just as well. Don’t pay the $400 for the Apple RAM, it’s ridiculous—you can pay $100 for 4GB of ram at

With the pro, you get a separate graphics card, much bigger display, and your choice of matte or glossy display. And you get a lighted keyboard, a better keyboard (though you may have your own preference), and better build quality (in my opinion—but the Macbooks do seem to have some problems with the plastic cracking).

Is that worth it? It depends on your needs. I like the bigger screen, and since they both weight approximately the same, I’d much rather have the pro. I don’t do games, but I like the pro keyboard, matte display, and theoretically better build quality. The price difference (w/o the RAM, since they both start out with 2 GB) is much more than $100, but if you can afford it, and if you won’t be using an external monitor, I recommend the pro.

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From my understanding, the basic difference is more about who the computer is designed for. The MacBook is geared toward the average user and students, and performs thusly. Not particularly ‘special’ in any respects, just overall works well.

The ‘MacBook Pro’ is a more powerful machine, but also requires the user to be more careful and patient with it. It is not as forgiving to ‘accidents’ and was designed with a more serious user (for AV industries, researchers or other tech heavy services) in mind.

At least, that’s the understanding I have regarding the differences without getting too tech heavy.

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don’t upgrade your RAM with Apple. its a rip-off…buy it can install it yourself, all you need is a screw-driver. try: – look for video tutorials on how to install the RAM in a Macbook. You can literally do it in 5 minutes.

RAM from MACSALES is the exact same. The only difference is that Apple tests their RAM 5x, hence, charging the consumer more.

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yeah, I’ve installed ram in a dell, which is like nothing. Macs just seem so much more complicated and fragile (not to mention awesome). turns out I can’t afford any of the ram ideas right now anyway. Basics for me.

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Macs are definitely NOT more fragile and complicated. Installing ram on my old Powerbook was the easiest hardware upgrade I’ve ever done in my life. In fact it was so easy, I was sure I had screwed it up, but it worked great. And as for fragile, I’ve owned several laptops, and none of them stood up to the everyday wear and tear of constantly taking your computer everywhere with you as well as my Macbook Pro has.

And no- never buy Apple Ram. And you know who told me that? Apple Store employees. On 3 separate occasions.

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