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GOLD Jewelry for sale...

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 13th, 2008

Has anyone seen those commercials who offer to send you a check for your gold, silver and platinum jewelry…You call them and they send you a postage paid envelope, you drop your jewelry in, send it back and THEN they send you a check??!!@#$%^...Has anyone here ever done this and how did you know that you got what you should have received monetarily?

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I would never do this, but someone must or they would not have the money to pay for the ads. There’s one born every minute (to paraphrase David Hannum).

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nope, never.

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it’s pretty safe. The price of gold is standard, it’s calculated to how much gold is in the jewelry (10,14,18, 22 karat etc) then the price of gold on the day received per troy ounce. They make you an offer, you take it or don’t, if not they mail it back. Your just as well off to go down the street to the little old man jeweler or who ever is buying gold in your town.

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