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Who is the real & at-this-moment manufacturer of Apple Macbook Pro?

Asked by xTheDreamer (881points) May 14th, 2010

I had a problem with my Macbook Pro, where I live doesn’t have any Apple retail store nor distributor so I have to send it back but before I could of send it FedEx gave me all these paper to fill in about the device.

One of the forms I had to fill in is asking the Manufacturer’s Name and Address but I don’t know who’s Apple’s Macbook Pro Manufacturer name and address is. So can you help me out with that?

I’d appreciate it if you can tell me:
– Manufacturer’s name and address of Apple (Macbook Pro)
– Trade name(Apple ofcourse)
– Where can I find the FCC ID number of my Macbook Pro
– Where can I find the Model/type name or Model/type number of my Macbook Pro.

Thank you so much.

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Apple is still considered the manufacturer. They sub contract the work to Foxconn and others. Just write apple
Apple In
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino CA 95014

fcc id is on the bottom, near the hinge for the display.
Model: Click apple icon -> click “more info”, under “hardware Overview” is Model Name, Model Identifier. The latest 13 inch pro is 7,1

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The last time I had to get something fixed by Apple, they sent me a prepaid mailer thingy with all the necessary info on it.

All I had to do was tear it off and stick it on. They didn’t send you anything with a mailing label?

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If you call Apple and tell them you need a mailing kit to send your MacBook Pro for repair, they will send you a box with all the paperwork filled in, and all you have to do is call FedEx and arrange a collection time.

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Yeah. What Richardhenry said. They are real good about that stuff. They will ask for your serial number click on the Apple in the Upper left corner of the sceen then click on the “About This Mac”. Now the hidden trick. Click on the VERSION stuff above the software update button. There is a hidden button there and it will toggle through software version and your serial number.They will need that information

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