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What is your favorite form of exercise?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) November 29th, 2010

What do you like about it? Why is it better than, say, running (or if you are a runner, working out at the gym)? How were you introduced to this form of exercise?

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Typing… On no wait, I meant to say walking!

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I have always said pushing 50 is exercise enough. The best for weight loss is to exercise the largest mucles which are the upper thighs. So a good tread mill or some running but I love to lift weights as well. I’ve pretty much did this for most of my life so I can’t even remember where I learned it except with friends in the gym and doing all the sports through School.

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Swimming. Easy on the joints. Good cardio if you go at it hard.
Edit: Duh:Forgot the best one: sex

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I have a pool but I don’t like the chemicals it takes to keep the water good so I usually stay out of it.

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I haven’t done it in ages, but kick boxing.

Close second, mountain biking.

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Ballet, but I have not taken ballet in while. My gym offers Zumba, so for now that is my favorite. I love swimming too.

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Hiking. I love being outdoors, and this is a great form of exercise. When I can’t hike and am stuck inside, I’ll do kick box aerobics. I’ve tried many form of exercise, but these two seem to work best for me.

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Also, I love to run. I know a lot of people hate it, but I find it refreshing.

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Tennis I love it…...did you see what I did there? Oh never mind then!

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Since my hamstring injury, I am currently tearing up my recumbant bicycle with interval work while I fluther on my laptop and sprinkle in weights and hard core core work. I like to sweat!! ;)

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I do a bit of cycling in the summer the rest of the year it is just walking.

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The only form of exercise my lazy ass actually partakes in. SEX

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@Adirondackwannabe Sex is a great cardio workout! If your with the right partner that is! Because after all you have to keep your heart rate up for at least 30 min for it to be considered cardio.

You know those cowboys think 8 seconds is doing good

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@JustJessica Gotta go for the distance, or at the very least start over a few times.

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Walking in the form of hiking. A good hike in the mountains, desert or local trails is exhilarating and beautiful. Don’t care to hike alone though. It’s much more enjoyable with a companion.

I also like ice skating. And I would love to try ballroom dancing.

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The kind that doesn’t feel like exercise; I have fun while moving my body.

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Trail Running. There’s nothing quite like it. A bit of fresh air, and an exercise that’s always variable and rewarding. I can’t stand being packed into a smelly gym and running on a boring treadmill, but trail running is awesome.

I also just got myself some nice snowshoes to help keep me moving during winter. I haven’t tried them yet (not quite enough snow), but I’m excited.

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Spinning. I love spinning, I could do it every day.

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@SuperMouse Just don’t get too dizzy!

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Rebounding (mini trampolline) . It’s indoor exercise and if you think it’s easy it isn’t ! LOL I like the way it gets easier to do as you keep at it.
I like weightlifting just as much but I only have 2 pairs of weights.

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I like weight lifting and walking.
Sprinting is awesome for the free feeling that comes with it :)

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I’m divided between 4. Biking, Swimming, Martial Arts, Sex.

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Swimming, biking, walking/jogging especially with my dog, trampoline, pogo stick, and just about anything that gets my heart pumping.

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I love the eliptical machine. After that, hiking.

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Biking. Mountain biking, biking around town, any kind. I love it.

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Women’s volleyball

As in watching, not participating.

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I’d personally say water polo or just swimming in general. However paddle boarding is pretty awesome

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Backpacking, skiing, raquetball, mountain biking

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Running in nice weather, snow shoveling Wii WarioWare and Sports in the winter.

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Sex then dancing.

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Lots of walking. Hiking in the summer.

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Tae kwon do. I can’t kick your ass with my martial arts skills or nunchuck some bad guys or anything, but it’s just so fun. There’s lots of variation and activity, and there are reasonable goals like learning a new kick or moving on to the next belt. Plus sparring lets you put everything you learn to use in a really fun way. I have the attention span of a rabid squirrel on crack, but tae kwon do really keeps my interest going.

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I like that it’s mostly lower body work and very intense. I don’t recall how I found out about it.
Gymnastics is a close second.

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Push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, flutter kicks, sit-ups and walking. I’m not into gym using gym equipment or weights.

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P90X I know it’s an infomercial, but it is the hardest, most rewarding, fastest, funnest, exercise program ever. no lie, the yoga is UNBELIEVABLE. took me five weeks just to make it through. I am 45 and I HIGHLY recommend it, Just remember work your way up and if you can’t do an excercise try to find a way to do something to build the same area only easier.

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Currently, a mixture of Pilates and Yoga known at my gym as PiYo. The movements are intense, but it shapes my body in ways the HIT and weight training could not.

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I have always loved running. When I was in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and half of my 50’s I was a strong competitive runner. Now I’m a slow jogger and I still love it and I regularly participate in marathons. I did the Portland marathon last month, Seattle marathon yesterday (11–28-10) and I’m be doing the P.F.Chang’s Rock-n-Roll marathon in January. Why do I love running and jogging? A non athletic person may find it hard to understand that jogging helps me to relax, unwind, blow off steam and to meditate on things. Running can be done in many places and times and you done need any team members. Running is custom made for the lone wolf type (me) yet offered me strong friendships with many running buddies over the years. I met my wife at running events and we still jog marathons together. Yes I have found great joy from running. Of course I also do regularly (daily) do calisthenics and weight training. Running and jogging isn’t for everyone and it is very important that (if possible) we all exercise vigorously in some form every day.

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Walking. I just like it a lot, and it’s pretty much the only thing I can do anyways.
Also, sex, on he off chance that it happens to me. XD

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Running, tennis, biking, bike jouring with my dog, swimming. Actually I like most everything that involves sweating.

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Running on the beach and yoga.

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Walking. Most of the so-called expert say walking is the best health wise.

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Great to see you B

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@Adirondackwannabe I’m getting there….spent the last two days getting over the effects of pain pills. Bummer.

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@Neizvestnaya I like to do those at the same time.

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Floating in my hot tub and doing push ups off the side.

then wine, and those chocolate covered pretzel containers are quite a workout. lol

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@Coloma You do know there’s a high level of hemoglobin in those pretzels, right? And that hemoglobin in combination with hot exercise is a recipe for disaster? Like Tsunami type disaster? I mean, you might well slosh all that water onto the deck or whatever it is your tub is on, and then where would you be? Up a tub without a paddle? Hmmmm?

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lol..yeah, it’s an ‘exercise’ in how much water ones body mass can displace! haha

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