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If you could make money doing the thing you enjoy the most, what would you do and how would you charge for it?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) June 16th, 2009

So, if you liked slug-baiting, would you charge by the hour, or by the number of slugs you managed to catch? And what is it about slug-baiting that you enjoy so much?

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If there was a feasible way of charging for what people loved doing most – everybody would do it. There are many things that I enjoy doing, not just one thing, but few of them offer any form of a realistic and reliable income. I already come as close as I am likely to get as a journalist/editor, it can be rewarding, but not in all aspects. Editing annual reports, or writing about government sittings isn’t particularly inspiring. Writing about technology, lifestyle and maritime life is.

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Skydiving school

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I’d be a Latin tutor…oh wait, I just got a job as one. I am being paid 25 dollars/hour. I love Latin and want to spread the knowledge to everyone and anyone who is willing to listen! (and pay a little, but hey, I’ve tutored for free in the past and was happy!)

If I had an old van with me at college, I’d start my own “designated driver” business…the bus at my school sucks and it’s always crowded, why not take my van with comfy seats? 2 dollars/per trip/per person. Call when you want to be picked up. If you throw up/urinate/have a BM in my car though….that’s a 50 dollar charge AND you are cleaning it yourself!

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I would give my advise, and based on how much it helped, you could be the judge of it’s worth!

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If its my favorite thing to do, i wouldnt want to be paid to do it.

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I would be a scuba diving instructor in the Caribbean. I would charge only enough so that I could get by, because if that was my job I wouldn’t need much else.

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Being a mom. If I actually got paid, life would go more smoothly.

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@gymnastchick729 So what is the activity you would charge nothing for?

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Sleeping. And I would charge an hourly rate.

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If I could get paid (a decent amount of money to survive comfortably from day to day) to work with rescue dogs I would be a VERY happy girl!

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Read comic books. I’d charge by the page.

Realistically, I am doing what I love. I love being a graphic designer.

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Playboy Photographer: .25 cents an hour.

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Writing: per article depending on how long and how technical you want it to be. Baking: per batch/cake. Teaching baking classes: per student/class. Ignoring idiots: Free of charge. It would be my pleasure.

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I have been lucky enough to do that in the past. I was singing (I still do, but it’s not as much fun anymore) and the rates were set by my agent, who in turn got a 10% cut. Depending on the size of the venue and the type of event, I could get anything between 50–500 euros for what was typically a 3-hour set, with two 10-min breaks. Legally speaking, I was supposed to play 3 30-min sets and get 3 30-min breaks, but I find that type of ratio ridiculous, and needed to keep warmed up. My breaks were often less than 10 mins. I smoked at the time and all I needed was a quick cigarette, then I was back on stage.

Nowadays I charge 30 euros an hour, regardless of the type of job I am supposed to do. It could be teaching, translation work or singing. I do a 100-min gig each Friday for 50 euros for example. I think right now my favourite thing to do would be DM in a D&D session. But there’s not enough people in my area who want to play in order to do it professionally. I know there are people elsewhere that have careers DMing.

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Would love to get paid to travel. I’d have all of my expenses paid (food, lodging and transportation), plus lots of extra cash for spending.

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I’d be having conversations with people to open up possibilities to protect non-human life and habitats, create great computer games in ways that haven’t been done before, and helping good people get lives that they love. I would want a structure that pays me what I need to do that work, travel and appreciate life and not have to worry about money. I’d prefer not to charge individuals or non-profit groups but to charge for-profit organizations for services rendered (business deals with entertainment companies, such as consulting fees, consulting retainers, royalties or stipends).

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i would love to be paid to surf the internet i would charge 5 pound an hour

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I would love to do anything language related, which hopefully I am. Hoping to do either translation or tutoring in Spanish so if that happens it will be doing my dream :)

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There’d be many things
I’d give relationship, career, and life advice

I’d do sensitivity trainings on a variety of issues

And I’d direct musicals

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir cute picture, girl.

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surely if a something you enjoy doing becoms your job, then you’ll start hating it because going to work is rubbish!!

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I would throw children’s birthday parties. Base fee for the set-up, then by the head.

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I would do any job involved with helping the helpless, homeless and the needy..I am not sure if I could charge them, since they have nothing

but I have faith in God..

He will make a way for me to earn enough salary to live off of..

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I would be writing novels and my publisher would be charging you to read them.

and charging me, for making copies of my words and marketing them to you.

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It’d be just like prostitution, but I’d get to pick the clients.


Oh, and I’d still charge :)

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I’d love to be a zookeeper because I love animals and I’m fascinated with the animal kingdom. Just being that close to them would be payment enough but if I had to accept a salary, I’d work for $3.00 an hour. This would be the gas money for the drive to and from the menagerie each day.

My supportive income would be from my military pension that I’ll be drawing in about 6 years so it would all work out fine.

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If I could figure out some way to sit on my butt, watch tv and knit, I would be totally happy.

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I would answer questions on Q & A sites, and charge $30 an hour, which is approximately what an academic researcher makes.

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I am pretty much doing what I love to do, acting / directing /choreographing.
I actually don’t mind how much I get, as long as I can be self sufficient in a bread-and-butter way.
What I would like to do I’d like to pay everything I work with properly; so we could all be self sufficient in our lives and concentrate on the creative work. To have an ensemble that could work full time for me when necessary, with a place of our own…. that’s something I’m working towards…

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