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How many fuel filters are on a 1994 Honda Accord EX, 2-door?

Asked by Kraigmo (7751points) November 29th, 2010

Most cars have one or two fuel filters I think.
How many fuel filters does my 1994 Honda Accord 2-door EX have?

And where are they?

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My first Googling result was this apparently very helpful write-up on precisely how to do this.

Three things: (1) There is only one filter, (2) it is “directly below the master cylinder inside the engine compartment,” and (3) it is a very difficult job for this particular car. o.o

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@Fred931 , thanks. Seeing as how all my tools come from the 99 cent store, I better call my mechanic.

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You can also call any Honda dealership’s parts department and ask them.

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If you got the car used, the previous owner may have installed an additional in line gas filter. Get the car on a lift and follow the gas line from the tank to the engine to check this.

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@Fred931 Great job :)

@WestRiverrat If its anything like my ‘90 and ‘91 Civics, you really don’t want to do that unless you are a masochist :P
Then again, the presence of banjo fittings and such tell me that the fuel pressure is high enough to make that unlikely; such an aftermarket mod is far more common on carbureted rigs that run 4–6 PSI in their fuel lines than an injected rig that runs ten times that pressure or more. The only inline filters I’ve seen on injected rigs were factory installed that way.

@Kraigmo While the tools aren’t terribly much, it’s enough of a hassle that I would consider taking it in and letting my mechanic deal with it. Then again, his labor rates are freakishly low, so I’d probably get out of it for only $20 plus parts, and I’d consider that money well spent.

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