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Do you find Jimmy Wales appealing?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) December 3rd, 2010

Every visit to Wikipedia , and there he is with his hand out.
Is there something of the beggar on the street about this?
Is this the best way that he can solicit funds?
Do you find the presence of his image intrusive, irritating or undignified?
If so, how could he better go about achieving his aim?

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Irritating. Although he must have caught on, because now it is a parade of Wikipedia authors, no more appealing.

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I find him attractive, I cannot lie

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Yes, I feel guilty every time I use wikipedia, and I am a regular financial contributor as well as a volunteer editor.

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He’s mixing and matching now with some editors. That helps. I personally admire what he has done with wikipedia. From a resource with little credibility because of its way of creation to a resource of considerable credibility with primary use of volunteer editors, it is a staggering creation and every once in a while, I give a little. G’wan——look what he’s done. it is amazing. Help the guy whether his mug appeals or not!

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i think it would be fun to pay to have his face removed, the point is, why is it annoying? there are no iriitating pop up adds, it is free, good quality info, if you use it you should contribute.

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If so, how could he better go about achieving his aim?

Put some T&A up there—how credible is his enterprise if he doesn’t even know that sex sells.

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