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Does anyone know any new hip-hop, pop, rap, soul or r&b songs?

Asked by BoBo (15points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m trying to expand my music library.

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google “what what in the”

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try using

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You could try going to the websites for your local pop/r&b etc. radio station…many of them post their current playlists, with song and artist information.

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Some new R&B:
Joe- Emergency Room
Jon B- ooh so sexy
Musiq Soulchild- If you leave ft.Mary J. Blige
Akon- I wanna make love right now (its more poppish and technoish then r&b)
John Legend- Green Light ft. Andre 3000

Some new Hip-hop:
Bun B’s whole “Trill II” album (a must download)
The Cool Kids- Mikey Rocks
The Cool Kids- a little bit cooler
T-pain- Chopped and screwed ft.Ludacris
Common- Universal Mind Control ft.Pharrell
B Hamp- Do the Ricky Bobby

Some hip-hop/popish:
Gym Class Heroes- Cookie Jar

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Here we go, again.

Some of these aren’t really that new, just REALLY GOOD. And if you like them, I can give you more.

Trying to Find a Balance, Denvermolorado, In Her Musicbox, Puppets, Guarantees, The Rooster, SUNSHINE, Woman With the Tattooed Hands, Little Man (and pretty much anything else by….) – Atmosphere
Take Me Home – Brother Ali
Duct Tape, Bleeding Hearts Club – P.O.S
True Love, Dro – Onebelo
Makeshift Patriot- Sage Francis
Dirty Girl, Woman Tonight, 20 questions, Early Morning Tony – Felt
L.A, D.S.W.G, Better Than the Best, You and I – Murs
Moving at the Speed of Life – Living Legends
One Twenty, Now – Eyedea and Abilities
Nujabes – Feather

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