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Why is it that every time your hands are dirty or occupied, that's when you get an itch?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23117points) December 3rd, 2010

I swear, every time I’m washing the dishes, either my eye or my nose itches!

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And why in the hell did my other topic disappear and a new one has been added in it’s place?

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Or like now, when my back scratcher is upstairs and I have an itch I cannot reach without it!

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@AmWiser Turn around, I’ve got nails.

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I hate when that happens. It’s usually my nose and I usually just go ahead and scratch it.

As for the topic change, I’d ask the mods. I know in the past they’ve talked about the mods cleaning up topics to help with the topic integration on the site.

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As a topic editor, we have been working on cleaning up the topics so they will be more useful. Phrases are generally frowned upon as a topic and will be removed. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to PM a mod. Also, if you’d like to see some questions that were asked a while back regarding the topics, I’d be happy to provide those or you can use the search feature to find them.

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—@free_fallin Ummm, okay… but how is “bad timing” a phrase, but “human body” is not?

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@WillWorkForChocolate I was referring to the other topic you used “I swear the gods are poking fun at me”. We also remove topics that don’t necessarily fit the question or aren’t really a valid topic we feel people will use the search feature to find. We have guidelines we created together. We’re still tweaking things and working on cleaning things up. I’m sure a blog post will be posted regarding the topics in the future.

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@free_fallin Oh, I’d forgotten about that one since it was just silly anyway.

And I don’t know how to feel about you removing whatever topics you don’t think people will use or search with, because a lot of times that’s how I search my own old questions, with the oddball topics that I remember posting on them. I’d remember “bad timing” more than I would “human body” pertaining to one of my questions. But whatever, I’ve been told it’s not my playground, so have at it.

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This not only happens when I’m elbow deep in bread dough, but when I’m at the dentist. He’ll be drilling away and my nose will start itching like nobody’s business! He thought it was the cornstarch in the gloves landing on my nose, but his hands aren’t over my nose that much. I think it’s simply because I can’t that I want to.

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Of course that isn’t really what happens. We are only more aware of the itches because we can’t scratch them.

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Maybe a weird coincidence?

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I notice my eyes get itchy whenever I’m chopping jalepeno peppers. That’s bad timing.

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