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Can u burn out a USB drive?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone

can u burn out a USB drive? I stuck my flashdeive in and the next time it won’t recognize anything from that USB port.

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yes you can. if you somehow jammed it in upside down, or if there was some sort of static electric spark which supplied power to the wrong pins, your drive could easily be cooked.

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or if you wiggle it to much. Just pull out.

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so basically I’m screwed now? Ha at least for using that port

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if you have the mcgyver bone like do you can replace it. You r going to need dental floss and a raw egg. :p

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its a mac and I’m no mcgyver haha. Oh well I still have another port.

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If you’re lucky enough to still be covered by AppleCare, this type of issue will be repaired for free. See or take it to a retail store.

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a Mac? Oh, I feel sorry for you, holmes.

What’s the USB for, a game controller? LOL, games on a mac….

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@voodoologic: It was for a flash drive. Less heckling and more answering!

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