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What is the best way to listen to music from your iPhone in the car (through the car's speakers)?

Asked by khelms01 (148points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone

Listening to iPhone through car speakers.

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With headphones, on the sly!

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They make fm transmitters that send our tunes through the radio, and also you can buy a cord that let’s you plug the iPhone directly into the car. Transmitters can be exspensive (35–50 dollars) but the cords only cost $10–15.

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I would make sure the cord fits the iPhone. That jack is a special size. Also, check if your stereo has an audio in jack. If not, it’s cheap to have one put in. I think a cord is a lot less hassle, plus the transmitters don’t always have the best sound quality.

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I use my old school tape deck. I still have a CD player car kit that goes from the tape deck to the car lighter jack. All I had to do was spend $10 to buy the headphone jack adaptor that Belkin makes, because the iPhone’s headphone port is recessed. They have the same thing on the apple webiste and in stores, made by Monster.

here’s the tape kit

and here’s the headphone adaptor

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1/8” cable is the way to go. Hopefully you have a audio input in your car. No quality degredation.

As peedub stated, make sure that it’ll fit the iPhone’s recessed 1/8” jack. A feature I’ll never understand, nor forgive.

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me neither Spargett. Is it so people will use the correct headset (one equipped with a mic?) This seems like something that was prob. asked before.

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The best way is to hardwire it to your car’s stereo, but it’s not cheap or easy. I got an adapter from Enfig and installed it myself. Most adapters require you taking your car’s dashboard apart to access the connections on the back of the radio, but it’s not hard if you take your time. My adapter cost about $150, but it works beautifully.

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@ all ~ regarding my previous post, you may not need the belkin adaptor with the Monster car kit. I needed it because I’m using an old Sony car kit that came with my first portable Sony Discman.

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I really wonder if Apple just gets a kick out of watching all the 3rd party proprietary products people make for their iProducts. The iPod has single handedly created its own economy larger than most countries annual GDP.

Apple makes so many people rich like this. Its always hilarious to see what absurd accessories get churned out.

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You can get a perfectly decent transmitter off ebay for $10 AUD or so, work just as well as the $100 iTrip.

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@yannick It depends on the car and the area you are going to use it in as well, so it’s not just as easy as getting the cheapest one available. No, it’s probably not necessary to spend $100 on an FM transmitter, but the $10 ones aren’t always the best solution either.

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