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What's a rubber (NOT a condom)?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19003points) December 5th, 2010

I was reading something that said ”... take a rubber, and use a long, thin object (rulers work well) to saw through the middle of the rubber (the width, not length). Don’t go so far as to snap it in half. Gently bend the rubber so that the middle is revealed.”

I’m almost positive that they aren’t talking about condoms, so is rubber slang for anything else?

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I know in Britain it’s what they call an eraser—(not sure if that fits the description there? I can see the eraser being sawed in half but not sure why it would be…)

I only know this because I know someone from Britain. They were talking about how when they moved to the States when they were a little kid they asked their teacher for a rubber. The teacher just about had a heart attack!

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an eraser is often called a rubber in the uk

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@DancingMind That fits perfectly. I thought it might be that…

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actually i had no idea condoms were reffered to as rubbers…that is very amusing

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Yes, a pencil eraser or an elastic band.

And ‘rubbers’ are shoe covers for rainy days, if kids are still required to wear them.

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the context of this would probably make it easier to figure out what they are referring to.

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@CyanoticWasp I don’t know how many people wear them now; they are still made, but I had “rubbers” when I was kid. They’re a great idea because they fit on over your shoes so you don’t have to change from shoes to boots and then back but they’re just for moderated amounts of rain, not for sloshing around in big puddles. You need rain boots for that.

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@lillycoyote I don’t know anyone who wears them. Not even the really geeky kids in chess club who have the roller backpacks and pocket protectors.

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@lillycoyote that’s what Mom always said, too. Yeah, four-buckle overshoes – galoshes; I had those, too. I hated all of ‘em. I was never so happy as when I got my first pair of those green rubber boots we wore back then.

@papayalily I was that geeky kid.

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In Canada, it’s also another name for an eraser.

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@CyanoticWasp I was the really geeky kid who got really good at being invisible.


Other than a term for erasers, I associate rubbers with the rubbers I slip on my men’s dress shoes when I walk outside in rainy, muddy weather, so as to not sully and damage the black shiny leather of my shoes. I just hope there’s no awkward confusion the next time I ask my wife “Honey, where are my rubbers?” Lol.

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@papayalily meet @MRSHINYSHOES. Now you know someone who still wears rubbers.:-)

@CyanoticWasp I remember those four buckle one’s too. They were quite the fashion statement, weren’t they? With that statement being “Damn, these things are ugly!” of course.


@papayalily Actually, I find rubbers quite cool, not geeky. They serve a great purpose. Don’t knock them unless you’ve tried them. They slip on really easily, do not take away any sensitivity so you can still feel your feet grip the slippery, wet pavement, and they keep your feet clean, dry, and disease free. Lol. (wink)

Hey, if you think they look geeky that’s fine. But I’d rather keep my shiny shoes shiny and my feet dry than end up with dull shoes and a nasty head cold! Ahhh-chewww!!!

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@MRSHINYSHOES Lol most things that are “cool” are really bad for you. In order to find out what’s “cool”, I usually just think “what would be the wise, practical thing to do here?” and then figure out what I would do if I simply responded “fuck it”.


@papayalily Hehe. That’s funny, but “cool” to me always means “slick and sexy”, and I find rubber sexy, just like I do leather! LOL.

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A rubber is also something that the pitcher stands on during baseball.

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@papayalily no, @fireside is right. The rubber is a strip of hard rubber (attached to the mound) that the pitcher makes his delivery from.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I’m sure it feels just as good to the pavement, if not better, particularly if you wear rubbers with a ribbed tread pattern on the soles.

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duh it’s an eraser

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@trailsillustrated Duh, not where I live…

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In USA, rubber is commonly used to mean condom. Don’t you think that is a bit general in meaning? Many things are made in rubber – eraser, boots, rubber pads, surgery gloves, tyres, etc.


@lillycoyote Omg, lol. If only the sidewalk could talk!

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@citizenearth Yes, yes I do. It confused the hell out of me when I was 13… I kept thinking that (for some crazy reason) boys were putting Big-O tires on their penises.

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@MRSHINYSHOES It really confused me, because I didn’t think that their penises were then the size of tires…


@papayalily Lol, well I suppose that’s why we men like to rev up our engines all the time and burn rubber. ;)

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