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What kind of glue is best suited for textile stickers?

Asked by tsiv (25points) December 5th, 2010

I want to produce textile stickers, mainly for kids and teenagers I guess, to put on coats, jeans… different garments. Their only function is decorative. They have to withstand washing with normal home detergents and stay put. This is key.
It’s going to be peel-n-stick so the glue has to remain sticky as long as it’s on display in a store in its packaging (cellophane bags). All through a normal shelf-life.
Iron-on does not have the same appeal as peel-n-stick since it entails going home, starting the iron, getting the adequate temperature and then ironing. The immediacy of peel-n-stick is what I’m after. (Another drawback of iron-ons is that if you don’t get the right temperature it won’t stick well.)
A key characteristic is that pointy areas don’t start peeling off with wear and tear. Not immediately at least. If it can be fully avoided the better.
Eg. Imagine if you will a sticker in the shape of a unicorn. The horn would be one of those “critical” areas. The tip of the tail another, if you get my meaning.
I guess we’ve all seen ironed-on textile stickers that are peeling off where the least amount of adhesive is. I want to avoid that.
The bonding has to be real strong out of the bag and it has to work equally well on polyester as on cotton, and basically on any type of fabric except perhaps on knitted sweaters, although if it can do sweaters as well that’d be a plus!
What would be the best glue/adhesive for the task?

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The vendor that you select to do your screen printing will be able to provide you with samples of printable materials that will allow you to do tests prior to contracting for production. The printable surface, adhesive and backing material are going to have to work in tandem with the production equipment and be suitable for kiss-cutting or slit-backing.

Also, provides you with listings of manufacturers and suppliers who would be able to answer questions with regards to detailed specifics.

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Thanks for the pointer!

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