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If you got to chose between going to Las Vegas and hawaii what would you chose?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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Hawaii definitely!

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Vegas, I have already been to Hawaii three times.

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Hawaii is wonderful. Well, I only saw Maui, but there are mountains, rainforests, and beaches. The people are kind, warm and respectful of their environment and each other. Las Vegas seems to be the opposite. If you like gambling, shopping and shows, then maybe you would like Las Vegas.

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It depends on where your staying and what your budget is more information please.

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Hawaii for the beauty

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hawaii for sure.
i’ve already been to vegas.

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I’ve never been to either place….but vegas seems too much like Disney Land with beer, and blackjack. So Hawaii.

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Vegas is overrated.

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This howlie would go to Hawaii, and blaze that pocololo, liddle bradda!

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One of the most natually beautiful places on earth vs one of the most artificially ugly places on earth? No contest – Hawaii!

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Used to live in Hawaii, been to Vegas 4x, decided last time there I would never go back. This haoli TOTALLY agrees with Aloha.

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yes, Hawaii wins. Vegas is too cliched.. Hawaii is ohhhh so relaxing and beautiful!!

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Hawaii anyway, especially Kauai. It is more expensive to fly there, but if you are going to gamble and do the club thing in Vegas, it would probably cost the same.

I have been to both in the last two years. I had a blast in Vegas, but Kauai was much better.

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