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How hard is it to transfer to UC Berkeley once you don't have a 4.0gpa?

Asked by Carly (4555points) December 6th, 2010

I transferred there for a quarter after fulfilling 2 full years at my CC with a 4.0, but then I transferred to another college. My credits from that college add up to just over a 3.0, but I plan on sending both my CC and other college transcripts when I decide to reapply.

Do I have hope trying to transfer back to Cal, or should I apply to a different state school?

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Here’s the link to the Cal Berkeley readmissions page, with advisor names to e-mail.

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Honestly, life after a ba is about what youre able to do, or accomplish.

Get involved in whatever side projects you can find that relate to what you want to do and complete them fully, try to impress your teachers and organizers. List all your accomplishments and they will shine next to that number.

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