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Can you get your dog to eat Mushrooms?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30824points) December 7th, 2010

I can’t.

My dog will eat anything that I put into my own mouth except mushrooms…


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Are they… Magic Mushrooms???

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Funny. I’ve the same exact situation with my dogs, except it’s lettuce instead of mushrooms. I guess dogs have food preferences too; I don’t want “people food” I want that piece of chicken on your fork!

At least your dog isn’t going out into the yard and eating every wild mushroom that grows out there… mine do.

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I don’t like em, my dog wouldn’t either. Because they taste like shiit-ake!

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My dogs have eaten mushroom when they are mixed in with something else. I’ve never tried just mushrooms. I’ll try it this evening and let you all know tomorrow.

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Sadie, eats what she want to eat, just like me!

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I’ve never given him mushrooms by themselves, they’ve always been in something. He’ll eat anything though, so if I did give them to him by itself, he’d probably eat it.

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Mine eat mushrooms as well as just about anything else- my current dogs are the only ones I’ve ever had who will eat oranges!

But then again, I have retrievers, who are known for eating just about anything.

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I have a mutt who has an appetite FOR LIFE and eats everything, including mushrooms. The only thing I can think of ever that she hasn’t snarfed up off the floor in a split second is apple peels. Why? No idea. She likes the apple but when we peel them for a pie and try to give her some she wants nothing to do with it.

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@papayalily ..I lol’d.
And, yes, my dog eats practically anything. The one thing he doesn’t like, that comes to mind, are pretzels.

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before my dog passed away he probably would’ve eaten mushrooms if they were wrapped in cheese, otherwise- he was not interested.

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My dog will eat mushrooms if they’re mixed with meat and gravy (I’ll sometimes give her leftover stew, if the rest of the family didn’t eat it first). She will carefully eat round potatoes and carrots though.

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One dog sniffed and didn’t eat it; one chewed and spit it out; one dog ate it.

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I wish.

I can’t get her to stop eating rabbit shit.

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