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When was the last time you owned a dog?

Asked by zensky (13418points) February 6th, 2013
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About 4 or 5 years ago. Two of the most beautiful loving golden retrievers were abandoned on my lot. They adopted me as their own. Since I lost them I haven’t felt like getting another pair of dogs. I had them about 14 years.

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When I took her for a run out earlier, I pretended to throw her ball & she bounded after it like a gazelle…owned!
I did throw it immediately afterwards of course, she’s one fast pooch.

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I have one, but she really owns me- lol

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We have two right now. They are blue heeler/black lab mix. We’ve had them since they were born a little over 4 years ago. These are the first dogs I’ve ever owned. If I ever get a dog again it will be one that doesn’t shed. I’m so tired of sweeping the floors 3 times a day. Yes! Three times a day or we are all covered in hair. ugh

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I don’t know what you mean.

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I own one right now.
I got her from the pound on my 18th birthday.
She’s rather spasmodic and annoying at times, but I love the Gooseberry!

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Had one yesterday for breakfast.

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man. i see what you did there zen. you stole this question from meta. I thought you were actually curious. :P

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I see what you did there. Just you wait til Shippy shows up.

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It was ages ago. clicks a collar onto @zensky but that is all about to change now

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The last time I owned a dog was up until the point when I no longer owned a dog.

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I don’t own my animals. They reside as family with me. Currently, I have 4 canine family members.

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I’ve got a 12 week old puppy now.

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I am 57 and have had a dog continuously since I was 12. The four years in college my folks took care of my dog but it was still mine.
I am thinking of making Ayre, the 13 year old Border Collie who presently lives with me, my last however.
But we will see.

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@rojo Why is that? I’ve had similar thoughts then I feel guilty since I’m a pretty good dog mom.

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@KNOWITALL mainly because my wife is nearing retirement and I, for the most part, am just spinning my wheels in construction and we would both like to travel when she does.

And, Ayre became a member of our family as a companion for our other BC, Skye, because I felt guilty leaving her alone for most of the day as social an animal as she was. When she died he became an only-dog and now I feel bad about that. Guess I could get him a couple of sheep to push around but then what would I do with them?

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@rojo Makes sense. I have an only child/ dog (female) that I rescued partly as companion for my old dog which recently had to be put down due to cancer. Same guilt here.

They really do restrict travelling unless you have an RV or a big SUV, we’d love to travel more so we’re trying to stick to my little Mona since she’s a lapdog.

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Thirty years ago. The flat isn’t really suitable.

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I have 2 dogs. ”I am the dog whisperer!
And I’ve just realized I’d like to take this double leash attachment and…TSCHH! @Shippy @zensky your coming with me :p

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I share my live with one dog right now. She is pretty sure that I am part of her “staff.”

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@Dr_Lawrence Dogs have owners, Cats have staff.

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All of fluther is “arbitrary nosiness” (great phrase by the way). That’s probably why we like it!

Now to answer the question, I would never be without one. I always have 2 or 3 of different ages so that I am never left without one to love when I lose one.

@jonsblond – your dogs probably have a medium short coat, right? Go to a horse supply store and get one of those black hard sponge like things, I never know what you call them. I call them a shedding stone, anyhow they are perfect for short coated dogs. You sort of put it on edge so that the point of the corner is on your dog and pull on it exerting moderate pressure. It will pull out all the loose undercoat and leave the harsh topcoat. After you go over them well with that, use a rubber finger brush or any soft bristle brush to get rid of what you have loosened. If you do that regularly for a week and then every couple of days thereafter the shedding will diminish greatly and they dogs always look clean and shiny. If you don’t want to bathe, mix Listerine and water in a sprayer and wipe them down with that.

@rojo – dogs sleep about 20 hours a day when they are mature and content. I leave the telly on but I think they sleep right through it. I have 2 but it wouldn’t matter if it were only one.

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Never had one, was never allowed one as a kid because my mum is scared of them.
Wouldn’t get one now because i want to do a lot of traveling over the next few years.
Maybe one day if get married and i have kids I’ll get one.

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This is actually one of the better questions asked by @zensky, funny how stuff works out.

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@rooeytoo They do. We have a Farm King not too far from us. They should have it there. Thanks for the suggestion!

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@rojo Cats don’t have staff they have slaves. Dogs do have owners, no disagreement on that one.

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aaa, right now, she’s at me feet under the desk.

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@SamandMax I saw a sign today that said “My cat is not spoiled, I am well trained”.

I think this is one of lifes truisms.

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Right now. I can’t imagine life without a dog! These are my favourite kind of questions!

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I have a Labrador right now in India. I had a German Shepherd and Pomeranian too.

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I currently own 3 dogs and they are hyperactive. Two of them are Dalmatians and one is a Labrador.

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Oct. 3, 1992.

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