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If Batman doesn't have powers, why is he considered a superhero?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) December 8th, 2010

And part of the Justice League?

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Because he can perform feats of strength and agility beyond those of ordinary mortals.

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That car, that fortune, that bat-cave. If I had that car (or if I could pull of the ‘utility belt’ look) then even I could be a superhero. Of course, I’d need a secret location to drive from; I couldn’t leave it in the driveway, with the snowblower and lawn tractor taking its place in the garage, and I couldn’t even drive it out of the garage, could I? What good is a mask and cape and ‘secret identity’ if the neighbors can hear you rev up and, “Oh, there goes ‘Batman’ again. When’s he going to stay home and rake his leaves, I wonder?”

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Imagine if Warren Buffett went to the gym and bulked up a bit, and then spent his fortune on awesome gadgets to fight criminals for the greater good of mankind.

Pretty awesome, right?

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He’s rich, intelligent, cunning, in peak physical condition, along with a mastery of close quarter combatives. All of these attributes allow him to go toe to toe with many super villains and superheroes.

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Well a hero is like a firefighter saving a couple of people from a fire or getting a cat out of a tree. A hero is busting a big drug dealer or pedophile. A super hero is a man who spends his entire life with a hatred for criminals. He trains, he plans, he builds. He goes out every single night risking his life in ways unimaginable. With this, he is a super hero.

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Uhhh because he’s fucking awesome….. clearly

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If for no other reason, because he has kicked Superman’s ass several times.

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Nuff said. . .

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God! It’s just Batman… You guys are acting like it’s Race Bannon or somebody cool.

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@filmfann When did he “kick Superman’s ass?”

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Off hand, I remember he beat Supe’s in The Dark Knight Returns, the best comic book/graphic novel ever.

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@filmfann I beg to differ, the best batman comic is either Devil’s Riddle or Devil’s Masque.

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Kicked his ass in Red Son too

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