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Where to buy comics?

Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) May 25th, 2009

Where is a good place to buy comics? I never was into them, and don’t know what places around me sell them. I think they could probably be very cool. I might want to pick up a few issues of something just to see if I like it. So are there any big name stores around me that have them that I never knew had them? Thanks!

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Where are you? We have no idea where “around me” might be.

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He’s there! Try an Internet search for goodness sake!

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i mean just a big name store. Like, I don’t think Wal-mart has comics. Or books a million. But are there any big name stores like those that do carry them?

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I’ve heard of these crazy things called comic book stores. And another crazy thing called google.

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Where I live (Northern California) there are small specialty shops that sell comic books. They may be combined with other things such as magazines, games, and hobby items. It varies. I don’t know of any large chains. But the category of “graphic novels” seems to be broader and might extend to chains such as Barnes & Noble, as well as to Amazon (for example, the Sandman series).

As others say, researching your own area will get you further than posting a question on a global resource without specifying a location.

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I am in Nor Cal as well. We have Flying Colors comics here.
Pick up “The Dark Knight Returns”. It’s 20 years old, but it is the best graphic novel ever.

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Try Discount Comic Book Service.

They gave all sorts of stuff including current issues at discounted prices. They have a flat shipping rate too.

I think it’s

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any major book store will have a wide selection. look in their anime section.

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I think Barnes and Nobles may have a section.

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