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What kind of questions are discussed here?

Asked by TrkReznor (704points) December 8th, 2010

I am new here and just wondering what kind of discussions go on here. I have replied to three good questions but just wondering what other possibilities there are.

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Everything and anything. Politics, religion, cooking, computers, science, math, movies, the list never ends. If you go to the top right of the page you can type in a key word and see questions that have already been asked. If you are on your home page you can see in the right margin a liitle ways down popular topics.

Welcome to fluther :).

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Welcome to fluther as well. The sky’s the limit on questions as long as it’s not a personal attack, put down, etc. Ask away. Just use NSFW if it’s not safe for work.

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Any bad trolls on here?.. I’m getting really upset on facebook because of trolls…

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Oh and thanx :)

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There are trolls but the mods usually nail them pretty quickly. They’re a good source of info if you need it and there’s one chat room set up to help with this type of question.

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Like @Adirondackwannabe said trolls are controlled pretty well, and comments that attack someone personally are modded/deleted, eventually people are asked to leave if they don’t follow the rules.

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I think we tend to be a little heavier on the relationship and political and social questions than the tech ones.

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I think everything has been covered… we don’t leave many stones unturned around here.

I just wanted to say welcome!

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Welcome to Fluther. Just about anything you can think of has been and is discussed here.

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Welcome to fluther. Anything goes.

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Alright thanks guys, that is all great to hear. I am up for any discussion I can understand lol. There are one or two on here when I am like “What?” lol

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@TrkReznor One suggestion: Be polite and nice. There’s been an outbreak of nastiness lately that’s caused a few jellys to say screw it, I’m leaving. Try to be civil.

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This is a nice play to play, don’t throw sand in anybody’s eyes, don’t pee in the corner, grow a bit of a thick skin and you’ll have a blast here. Welcome to Fluther!

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Hi and welcome to fluther! We do have a few persistent trolls, but the modsquad and I usually vaporize them before they do any damage.

You will find all types of questions on here about all the usual topics: politics, religion, poorly disguised rants, etc. But you will also find some of the craziest and random topics you could ever possibly imagine. ‘Tis a wondrous place.

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Welcome Mr. Reznor, love your music.

So, yeah as everyone before me has stated, Fluther provides a wide variety of questions one here. Trolling is basically non-existent. The mods are great and keep everything running smooth as a baby’s bottom.

No worries here, mon!

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@TrkReznor : I just read your profile. Be prepared for some…er…lively debates on your spiritual choices. We all like to learn stuff, but some can get, well, passionate when they disagree. Just sayin’.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Basically, if you can think it and express it in words, then we’d be happy to discuss it if we can understand the words, the context, the topic and some kind of reasoning (whether or not valid is for you to figure out) ... or just wind up an answer out of nowhere—if we’re not in General, and you’re not going to be an ass about flagging ‘unhelpful’ answers there—or simply change the topic.

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Pretty much everything. Politics, philosophy, hobbies, religion, everyday problems, random stuff, lighter stuff, zombies, food, drama, technology, fetishes, you name it’s all here, and if it ain’t, feel free to bring it up.
Keep civil, pick up your candy wrappers and it’s a pretty fun place to be.

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I love how Symb threw in zombies with those other topics.

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Sock black holes, meatloaf, MIL’s, Stevie Ray Vaughn, goose poop, coffee and lots of it, and chaps to name a few! Lot’s more than these hot topics!

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@Cruiser MIL’s or MILF’s?

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Just about anything and everything, though we do have some rules. Basically, don’t ask us to help you rob a bank, or to actually do your homework for you. ;)

Welcome to Fluther!

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Hi @TrkReznor, hope you like the facilities (we just repainted)

Add some topics to your profile to help find questions that might interest you.

As @JilltheTooth said, you can expect some disagreement about your spirituality but keep it civil and just about everyone will give you the same respect. if they don’t, the mods will get ‘em Spirited discussion is encouraged, flaming and name calling is punishable by law. :)

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@FutureMemory MIL usually but I am always up to discuss Money I’d like to find!

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Ok how do I add topics to my profile?

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@TrkReznor Click on the “My Account” part of the toolbar at the top of the page. It gives you another menu you can use to edit your profile, picture, etc.

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Bean bag chairs, chairs without legs, legs hairier than a monkey’s, monkeys in the military, military with only monkeys, monkeys who like apples better than bananas, bananas without the peels… and many more topics like these!

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@TrkReznor Sadly, topics are a bit broken at the moment (we’re working on it, I swear!). For the time being, the only way to add them to your profile is to hover your mouse over a topic (always in an orange box) wherever you see one that interests you. (You’ll find them on questions, on other people’s profiles, and in the topic cloud on the home page.) You’ll see an option to “add topic”. Click on that, and you’re golden!

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Mama jelly just spoke to you… the other thing is to add those whose answers you like to your fluther…. aka follow them… aka (follow me) I follow many of the best jellies and I have a flashlight.

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Questions include: How do I get into pottery school? Where o’ where has my pinkie gone? Why doesn’t he look at me? Who was the best astronaut? When will we colonize the bottom of the ocean?

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