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The next major blockbuster movie is about you! So...what's the title of the film?

Asked by SirGoofy (3085points) December 17th, 2009

Maybe this awesome blockbuster movie is a biography about your life story….yet…this film remains un-named and unrated. Post your potential film titles and the rating. Hilarious answers would be great!

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I Can’t Believe They Made a Movie About Me

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Sleep Aid

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Adventures Through Insanity

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What the Phuck Are You Looking At, Asshole?
It’s a love story.

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@Corporate_Avenger A real tear jerker, pluck at our heartstrings chick flick, huh?

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@Ghost_in_the_system Where’s this one playing?!? Big action film?

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@SirGoofy Set in a big nut house. It is a Cheech and Chong meets Indiana Jones with out the luck.

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“The Return of Rated R”

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@Ghost_in_the_system – Boy meets girl, boy stalks girl, girl finds out about it and stalks him back to his place where she dissects boy to see what makes him tick. Girl then dumps boy…in the bay.
Kind of a Romeo and Juliet meets Dexter type of film. I think It should have Happy Meals as an intro to the kiddies.

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@Corporate_Avenger Ah, family fair, yeah we need more of that.

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Wayne, the librarian slayer!

The dangerous life of librarians shown in three-d verisimilitude.

Starring Daloon as the brave librarian who survives being shot at in his office.
(based on The True Diaries of a Gun-slinging Librarian, Random House Publishers, 2012)

[Dictionaries available at the door, together with three-d glasses]

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SWF (Not psycho) 3 versions for your viewing pleasure….......Rated PG-13, R or X~depends on what the situation calls for.

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grinding metal

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Vohu: No, it’s not a pun about sneezing.
The sequel will be titled “Why worshiping Director Manah makes you a better worker and glorifies him.” Unfortunately, the National Propaganda Bureau is too busy massaging my ego to make another sequel.

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The Girl And The Angry Dachshund.

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42,000 years later Julara woke up

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Chairman of the bored!!:)

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“Citizen Jane”—-my last words will be “Rosebud-weiser” ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille – You are too funny…I think I’m falling for you.

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Slow Burn

Rated R

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@Corporate_Avenger -Awww!I love you,man!And that’s not the Rosebudweiser talking either!! ;)

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Dirty Larry, Moe and Curly!! Go ahead and make my day and I will Moider Y!! Wooop Woop!

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The Man Inside. It’ll be the sort of movie you need to take tissues with you. But it will be a while before it’s released, the story isn’t finished yet.

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fuck like a man.

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It would simply be called, Trk. Rated R. It would show my music career and my run-in with drugs and hardcore sex… very inappropriate.

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