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Can you take a punch?

Asked by skeh0138 (111points) April 7th, 2008

How did you react the first time you took one on the jaw? Inside the ring or in the street.

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I called 911.

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the only time I was ever maliciously punched was in seventh grade, and it happened when I was walking out of class. I didn’t do anything about it, he was going to get it from the administration anyway.

But if someone were to hit me today, I doubt they’d be conscious very long after that.

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I got in a fight in middle school, It just made me angry. Now can’t stop. We box at work on down time. Only thing is that now I hit back.

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That all depends on knowing if you know how to take a punch. I grew up in the city and as kid I needed to learn how to defend myself. So I took up boxing.That taught me alot on how to take a punch. For instance if you see your going to be punched in the gut suck in. Unless you have rock hard abs. In that case just stand there and take it. Roll with the punch they say. But hey i’m a lover not a fighter.

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Goodmorning @hairypalm

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what it is RobMan!

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I’ve never been punched before but I have been slapped and my reaction was to slap back!

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chuck Norris is going to train me this summer but I could die if I stare him in the eyes.

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The only time I ever got punched was in 8th grade. I laughed in his face because he missed and hit my ear. Still hurt though.

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Hit back. It was my brother, and we’d never punched in the face before. So I punched him back, it was only fair. Of course, this continued for awhile, a chair and a pot were broken, and somehow the fight ended on the roof?

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I’ve taken a few blows while sparring in martial arts – I think if I ever really got clocked, I’d give up and crawl away.

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you take a punch only if you can take it.
that sounds dumb, but think about it.
if you can get punched and not feel too much pain, then it is not a bad thing to take it if you don’t want to hurt the other person (your friend possibly). If you dont like the other person though, punch them back, beat the shit out of them. If you can’t deal with the pain, then don’t stand there and take it.

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