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What to get my mom for her 50th birthday?

Asked by caly420 (546points) April 7th, 2008

She says she doesnt want anything but come on you have to have somehting to open on your birthday, right? Well all i want to get her is a gag gift or a wicky nick or hell maybe even stretch it to a book (anyone have any suggestions)

what do yall think are some fun ideas?

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Is 50th birthday considered silver anniversary? If so base it off that.I think they have gifts just for that reason. However I think a dozen roses would be fine as well as a dinner. Then the best part would be for your mother to hear how much she means to you and how appreciated she is. I do not believe you could go wrong with that.

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put together a series of pictures of you and her over the years and frame it nicely.

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Lessons might be nice – something that interests her: Singing, guitar, cooking, art, etc.

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Do you have siblings? If so, you can all go take a a studio and take a pictures and put it in a really nice frame. We did this for my mom years ago and till this day she says it’s one of the best gifts she ever got.

You can ever do all the grandchildren, siblings and husbands and wives too.

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I agree with family photo. How about a nice dinner with all of the family? You could give her the photo at the dinner. You could go out to eat or cook her favorite meal at home.

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At 50, she probably has all the stuff she needs. Get her something she’ll appreciate—either because she’ll use it (my grandmother used to write letters almost every day, and went through stationery like nobody’s business), or because it’s meaningful to her.

Avoid gag gifts. You’re better off giving her nothing and just taking her out for a nice dinner.

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What about a spa day? They have them for couples too. It’s like a mini getaway.

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I second the “Dinner with her kid” statement and further it by saying that you should find out what some of her achievements in her life have been and record them for her somehow.

Or get her a painting. I find that beautifying the house is always fun.

Or get her an appt. with a professional photographer to do a portrait of her at this age. (Make sure she can be styled first, if she’d like that.)

Continue to get her one every year so that she can have a progression.

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how about a bottle of sand that symbolizes how your love for her is greater than the sum of every grain of sand in the world.

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Try to find a pictures of her at 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, and now fifty years old, frame all 5 of them the same size, and tell her she is more lovely as time passes, in wisdom, and beauty. because after all. beauty come with age. then cook her favorite meal, candles, invite the whole family, and do the dishes. and while having dinner, everyone talk about the plesant memories, “do you remember that one time”

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