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Americans: Would you move to another country solely for economic reasons? Why or why not?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) December 13th, 2010

After watching a report about Brazil’s economy on CBS’s 60 Minutes, I wondered if I would ever consider leaving the U.S. simply for economic reasons. (I’m still wondering.)

Why or why wouldn’t you leave the good ol’ U. S. of A.?

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I could retire to Mexico fairly easily, if my wife would.
There are lots of beheadings there. The newspapers say it’s drug related. I suspect the locals are warding off zombies. That is a fight I want in.

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I would and have looked into it. I don’t really have strong ties to America in and of itself. It’d be leaving my family and friends that would suck. But if I can build a life somewhere else, I’d be totally up for it.

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all economies fluctuate so whomever is booming now may fizzle down the road. Then what would we do? The US economy is going to rebound and despite how green the grass may look on the other side of the fence the “States” are still the best place to be. Besides, right now which country could an American live in where they could admit they were American, or Yanks? I think there is a lot of prejudice in the world against Americans always has been.

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I would leave for the economic reason of stupid health care. I got a bill today for $50 for my last gyno appointment. I had already paid a $20 copay there. What the US is teaching it’s citizens is that going to the doctor is not worth it.
I’ll just get some STDs. That’ll teach them.

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No, unless my husband’s company made it worth our while. There was some talk of sending us to St Kitts in the Caribbean when they first opened a new facility, it was quickly sold to another company and we didn’t get to go.

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In my present state? Nope, culture would definitely have to play a role. I’m not too keen on moving to Brazil, but I might go to Germany or Italy for work.

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No offense against Brazil, but that country’s morales are substandard to say the least. having a great economy is not all that life is about. security, laws, and morales is what America is all about. also, the ability to start a business and hope for the best. i am not so sure this is the case in Brazil.

America may not be the shining star of Bethlehem, but it beats whatever is in second place.

My roots will stay in the good old U.S. of A.

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I have too much social capital in my community to be willing to leave. Friends are not easy for me to make. I’m not very good at going up to strangers and making friends. So my social capital has been built slowly, year by year, and it is too valuable for me to leave, even if they offered me a salary four times what I make now. In fact, since we are doing well enough, I don’t know if any salary could get me to leave the country for more than six months. Maybe a year.

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It’s not really as if the average American would have many viable options outside of the Americas,
sorry to say but Americans would struggle to be properly socially accepted in many many countries of the world not just the obvious countries in the Far east but Europe and Australasia also.

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@Odysseus Nonsense. I know a few Americans who live here with no problems at all, save the odd joke at their expense. To which they say “Fuck you, we saved your asses in two world wars” and we think “yeah, good point, well made”.

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