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What are the consequences of the declining birth rate in the U.S.?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) March 17th, 2011

The US population overall is increasing, but not through the birth rate. Most of the increase is coming from increased immigration.

Is this something to worry about? Why? Do we want a declining population? Why?

If we have a declining population, will we see Detroits and Youngstowns all over the place? If the cities do all lose populations dramatically, and vacant homes pop up all over the place, is this a problem?

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I saw a very scary documentary about Muslims taking over Europe and the US, through the declining birth rate. It was on You Tube and if you search Muslims are taking over the world, it shows stats on the birth rate in the US and Europe and it bothered me.

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Racists and xenophobes will lash out in fear. Politicians will continue to stoke the fear to earn the votes of the ignorant. Media will sensationalionize and play up the fictional “threat”.

Nothing new.

In the US, the ignorant hysterical rhetoric we see about Muslims and Latinos echoes the same panic many Americans expressed against most every immigrant group in the past. The Irish, Italians, Slavs, Jews, Chinese – every group has been greeted with abuse from knuckle-dragging nativists.

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The biggest problems is how you deal with all the old people. You lose them as a tax base at a time when they start incurring the greatest expenses.

Countries like India and China will be very interesting to watch due to the drive for male children in the former and the one child policy in the latter.

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There will be fewer spoiled brats kicking the back of my seat the next time I am on a 14 hour flight from Sydney to LA!

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