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How can I get a working VISA for the United States?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) December 30th, 2008

I am swedish and have visited the states several times using the normal “tourist” VISA that gives me three months worth of staying without questions asked. I have heard hundreds of rumors about applying for a working VISA and/or a “green card”. Can anyone de-mystify it all for me and maybe even help giving me some options. I am a musician and there is something called “artist of extra-ordinary talent”. which is?

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Check the website then in the visas section send an e-mail to the consul making your questions.
As you are from Sweden, the process might be more flexible and a bit different from applicants from other nationalities.
Good luck

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Become a nanny?

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haha, not my cup of tea… but let’s say I would. How would becoming a nanny help me into the US? Thing is that it is not that easy I’m afraid…

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marry an American? that is what I did…..I suggested the nanny thing since several of my neighbors have european nanny’s.

check with an agency, there is a big demand for child care, if you don’t mind undiciplined kids, and slave driving parents.

Or maybe try the personal adds

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There are several work related visas available but under current economic conditions they may not work out.

There are work visas for jobs that require both degreed and nondegreed individuals. There has to be some proof that the jobs are difficult to fill with American workers.

A lot of Indians have come to work in Silicon Valley, especially in companies owned by Indian-Americans. This was not too much of a problem when any computer engineer, programmer etc could get a job. I think it is more difficult today with all the tech layoffs. If you are a teacher and could find a school that needs a Swedish language teacher, you might have a shot. Or if you speak other languages like German or Russian but you must be qualified to teach and find the right school. Science and math teachers have been able to come in but they may have to work in certain geographical areas

In the 80’s I worked for a dance company and we got a Chinese dancer in from Hong Kong but he had very specific skills.

Nurses can come in pretty easily, too but they have to contract with specific hospitals.

If you work as an executive for a multi-national you could transfer to an American branch.

If you were a chef, you might be able to work for Swedish diplomats or you might find work through your diplomatic service as a secretary, clerk etc.

However, if you have a job you might want to hold on to it. 10’s of thosands of Americans are losing their jobs each month so if you do manage to come in on a tourist or student visa you may find yourself exploited if you are working outside the system. Even if you are working under a contract, you will have no medical insurance and paying both employer and emplyee taxes. Basically we have no safety net here when things go wrong.

So stay home, save your money, develop a needed skill, build contacts in your field and when the economy is better bring your nest egg and come on.

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Go to Austin, Texas…where music is faboo-lous…and marry a nice Texan girl. It’s as easy to fall in love with an American…as with someone from Sweden. She may not be as tall or stunning as a Swede, but she will be able to lasso a bull and still cook you grits in the morning and be darn pretty, too :) You can work as a musician, eat great Tex-Mex food in a fantastic town, find an affordable (in comparison to Sweden) house with a huge garden and have really friendly neighbors.

I would head for Austin….pronto. Go again on a tourist visa….and prepare yourself for great music, a very artsy cultural community, a great university and some real lurve.

Any Jellies in Austin??? Helllloooo? :)

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