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What do you think are the top things that is ridiculous to impress a guy or girl ?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) December 13th, 2010

I mean things like faking it such as wearing booty pops, wearing extreme push up bras, dressing something you’re not, etc. In your opinions and you can number to least ridiculous to the most. I’m doing this as a project to entetain and bring some humor to my class.

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Muscles on either.

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Currently my favorite ridiculous thing that someone tried to do to get a girl was walk up to her (note: this guy is ridiculously shy and sometimes act stereotypically gay despite professing that he is straight and dogging every girl he sees) and say, “Hey, I fight for our country, you should hook up with me.”

All this time he’s blushing, stuttering, and fails to make any eye contact, and then he said, “can i at least get a blowjob in the name of patriotism?” before she even replies to his first statement resulting in her tossing her glass (yes GLASS) of whiskey in his face, slapping him, and kicking him in the shins before walking away.

My other buds and I were dying with laughter after witnessing this act of sheer stupidity.

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putting on aires by spending stupid amounts of money. Or showing her you can take a hot carl…..don’t tell that one in class.

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girls: Wearing make-up and high heels
Boys: talking trash talk in hopes of impressing her

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Anything that’s not being themselves.

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Showing off a lot of money, or thinking you’re cool by making fun of other people.

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My mom told me about her friend who was really excited about her water-filled bra because it gave her the curves she never had and she really wanted to impress a guy she liked.
She didn’t count on the kitten. Ended up with her chest and ego deflated.

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Dress like a bookworm and wear perfumes with ‘strong’ fragrance.

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A guy at my college told me that the Pillsbury doughboy was based on him. But he’s 18 and the doughboy has been around for decades, so he has to have been making it up. I don’t know why he would have made it up, but if he was trying to impress me… that’s a really weird way to go about it.

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@Mariah What a jerk he is. I hate when a lot of guys lie.That really hits my nerve and ticks me off.

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I don’t know. I’m sure people hate to admit it, but flashing a lot of money or driving a sexy care or even hinting that you’ve got something rather large tucked away in you pants will work on some women. But look at it this way: the type of women who respond to such ridiculous come-ons are the type of women these men deserve.

Frankly, I think it’s ridiculous that a woman dress up or put on perfume for a date. If a girl is even willing to go out on a date with me, that’s all I need. Tarting yourself up is overkill. It’ll make me feel worse, because I figure you’ll dump me for the next guy you see in a flashy car.

But that’s all right. I never went out with women other than those who made no effort to put on sexy clothes or fancy make-up, and I found a very excellent woman who was willing to marry me.

I look at those sexy women from afar, and sure they look hot. But I’d never talk to one, and from what I hear, I probably wouldn’t want to talk to one.

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for a girl: “Most people say a sense of humor, but I’m gonna have to go with breast size.” -So I Married an Axe Murderer

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Women: High heels, skanky outfits
Men: Fighting. omg. seriously?

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For girls: ridiculously high, spiky heels, super-short skirts, super-low cut cleavage popping tops and exposed belly rings, and moving around like they’re posing, and smoking to show how cool they are.

For guys: talking about your expensive/souped up/pimped out car, talking like a “gangsta” and using “rapper” hand motions, and using lame pickup lines, and using lewd comments to “flatter” a female, drinking heavily to show how “cool” they are.

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Shove a shuttlecock down your speedos!! Advisable to go through the front door, otherwise may look like you have piles!! I mean, you don’t want to look ridiculous now do you? XD

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@ucme LOL, oh wow, that would be a real good ” don’t” for my project. :-) This like one of the best answers here.

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Haha! Apparently George Michael used to that very thing to impress the girls….ironic as well as dumb XD

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@wundayatta – I agree that the “tricks” some men use will work on some women, but the kind of women that fall for that sort of thing usually aren’t worth it.
Also, dressing up and putting on perfume for a date don’t necessarily equal tarting oneself up. I’m far from a tart but I like to look pretty (and smell pretty) for an evening out.

The most ridiculous thing I see people doing to impress the opposite (or same) sex is undoubtedly showing off how drunk they can get. That’s all I hear – “OMG, I got sooooo drunk last night and hooked up with some random guy” – give me a break.

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Back when I worked for the local ambulance service a guy involved in a accident came into the emergency room with a pepperoni in his pants.

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