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If you worked in the family business and members of the family was commiting crimes would you figure it out?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) December 14th, 2010

• Today Mark Madoff the son of the infamous Bernie Madoff hung himself today. Friends believe it was more to do with the constant hounding about him being a crook and lived high off stolen money. He may have lived off stolen money but he always attested he did not know what his father was up to. Many, many people believe he was lying they can’t see how a close family member to Bernie and worked for the firm so long could not have known. If you worked in a business your family ran and there was shady stuff going, an uncle who was cooking his books to evade taxes, a sister who was selling defective merchandise knowingly, and a father was selling used parts he got from a friend who cleaned them up, re-boxed them up and sent them to the shop where your dad resold them as new, or some similar situation where a member of the family was doing some crime right under your nose do you believe you’d catch it?

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If that was all I had ever known, it might take a long time for me to figure it out. I would notice the little things like a lack of integrity in every day interaction with family members, but I am so trusting, it would have to be pretty blatant for me to notice it.

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It wasn’t today, he died last weekend.
No I wouldn’t do it. He was possibly killed for knowing too much as it is highly unlikely Bernie worked alone.

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My parents started their own business when I was about six, and unless I was involved with the accounting or heard rumors, I can see where a family member might be oblivious to the reality or dark side of what was actually happening. Some people just do their job, and as long as they are successful, they tow the line.

Would I have commit suicide over finding out that my parents were doctoring the books? I seriously doubt it, whether I was in on it or not.

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@Odysseus It was the same day when I 1st posted it…you know Fluther, things get pushed for this and that.

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Yes, I probably would. But I’m smart.

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Apparently he had an investment club started while in college and all of his friends were in it. They all lost their shirts. To live with parents that cooked the books is one thing. To live with a parent whose greed brought about the ruin of thousands of people is another.

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Not saying Murder but

Why hang himself? (Mark Madoff was well known to be afraid of pain, there are easier ways)
There’s no note.
It’s on dads jailing anniversary, hmm
His child is the next room sleeping.

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he was hanged using a dog leash, google that !

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