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Buying a guitar?

Asked by Kaela (11points) April 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to buy my little brother a guitar because he has a new interest in learning how to play. I have no clue about guitars or their good and bad qualities. Any suggestions? How much should I spend?

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If you are kind of rich I would recomend a Les Paul

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does he want to play electric or acoustic?

You can get a decent guitar for under $200 if you do some shopping. Visit and check out the different guitars. You can sort them by lowest cost. then read some reviews.

If he wants an electric guitar, you can usually find some nice starter packages that come with all the stuff you need to get started.

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true if you go to walmart they have some for under $100.00

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@kapuerajam – but, would you consider that a quality guitar?

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How old is he? What kind of music is he into?

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I would recommend a less expensive guitar for his first. He might not stick with it, then he’d have a nice dust collector. I would defiantly check out musicians friend. they have pretty good deals. Sometimes guitar center has some decent sales as well. They sell used there also which wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Honestly, for a decent guitar, expect about two hundred, give or take a bit. An electric means you’ve got to buy an amp, cables and so on, usually leading to a larger price.

Personally, for a first guitar, I feel an acoustic is better. It’s easily portable, There’s less to it and it’s a little tougher to achieve certain sounds which can be a good or bad thing. It’s good because it’s better practice, yet it could lead to frustration.

I hope all this helps. Good luck finding the right one.

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I started playing guitar last year. I bought myself a Yamaha F310 acoustic package for a very good deal and it’s been brilliant to me. Then I decided to pick up the electric guitar and found a similar deal .The electric isn’t brilliant, but it was worth the money when I didn’t know if I would continue. Came with an amp too. I don’t regret either of the purchases… they have made me even more happy!

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Regardless of what kind you buy, spend a few extra bucks and have your local guitar repair shop do some initial setup work on it. Have them put some light gauge strings on it and set the bridge down pretty low. Unless your little bro has been playing a while already, he does not have calluses on his fingers and some hi-set guitars can flat out hurt your hands until you develop calluses. The low setup and light strings will greatly help.

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I’d recommend an acoustic to start out. As Randy mentioned, it tends to encourage actually learning to play, rather than learning to play around and make cool noises. Also, the action tends to be a little higher on an acoustic, which builds the necessary muscles and callouses faster.

I’d spend some time going to smaller guitar shops around your town. Avoid megastores like Guitar Center unless you’re just going for info. The smaller stores will be likely to work with you on price, they usually do repairs, and often have great deals on used guitars. I found a guy in my town who does all three. I bought a used off-brand guitar at a garage sale for $1, and he fixed it up into a really nice playing guitar for around $50.

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Always start electric if you have any interest in playing electric. Acoustic necks and strings make playing difficult for beginners. Fender’s Squier brand makes excellent beginner guitars. Used Squiers can be found easily on the internet or at local music stores. Used Squiers can range from <$50 to >$400 depending on the value of the model and the seller’s value of the guitar.

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