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Does anyone have a digital converter box? How is it working out?

Asked by tinyfaery (42758points) December 14th, 2010

I plan on getting rid of the cable next year, but I still want my local stations for news, emergencies and Jeopardy. I plan on getting a converter box, but I have a few questions.

How is the picture quality?
Does the converter go out during bad weather?
Can you really still get some basic cable stations?
Any recommendations?

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I have a CRT from 1986 that is too ancient to support the electronics needed to use a DVD player.

However, I use a converter box and an equally ancient root antenna and am thrilled.

I get the networks, three PBS stations, Fox, CW, many weather channels, old movies, reruns of Maverick, The A-Team and Magnum, P.I., plus a vary odd assortment of religion, cartoons, shopping, sports and hunting channels.

I can no longer, however, use my VHR player on a timer; the video records but I get no sound. Hardly a big deal.

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We bought one last year and we got 1½ crappy screen quality stations to come in sporadically. The box was only $30.00 but I don’t know if build or brand quality has much to do with it.

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I have an antenna on my house so old agents from the Smithsonian snoop around every windy night hoping it will blow off the roof. We couple that to the $40 converter that only cost $20 and a TV from last century that has more lead in it than all the toys in China.
We get ABC NBC, CBS, CW, Weather channel, 4 PBS station and the Cool Channel (All music videos. There are also a couple of religious stations that I skip.
The quality is excellent. The roof antenna helps..

My early adopter son can’t leave well enough alone so we now have a Roku that seems to scam every piece of content on the planet for free. It is great.

Our wasteful luxury is the $10/month, minimum service Netflix. Even that plays on the Roku now. Don’t ask.

By the way, we can afford cable, we just don’t want to fund the lifestyle of people we don’t respect.

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Picture should be better than analog.
Bad weather isn’t really related to the converter box.

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