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So just how secure in your sexuality are you?

Asked by seazen (6118points) December 14th, 2010

Explain, please. With examples.

Show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

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Pretty damn secure.

I have no problem admitting a man is handsome. If someone has a problem with my lack of a problem, they can fuck off and grow up.

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I’m pretty secure. I know what I like, what I don’t like, and what I’m not sure about and willing to try. I have no problem saying anyone is attractive (man or woman). Best of all, I know how to express my wants and needs to my husband so that we can work on fulfilling them (and the same for his wants and needs).

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Like the two above, very secure. I find both women and men attractive, could have sex with either or both, am up for most things, & definitely not shy when it comes to the bedroom. I tend to be the top (with women), but, will switch. Men? Bottom (although, being a top with a dude is fun).

I like what I like and I’m cool with that.

I prefer the ladies, though because I am only emotionally attracted to women.

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I’m very open in sexuality. Relationships is another matter, but sex is physicality and attraction not a contract (well not in most cases, there’s the slave agreement contract but that’s a different story). I would consider any pairing, though I’m primarily hetero. I am usually the more submissive partner because I like the comfort of being told what to do without having to think for a little while.
oof, TMI? I’ve been mulling this over in my mind for some time, so the answer was just sitting there waiting for an excuse to come out.

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I have only told complete strangers on the Internet and my dog that I am gay. So maybe less secure than I’d like to be. I am honest with myself, though, and will admit when I find something attractive – even if it’s a woman, which very occasionally happens.

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” I am usually the more submissive partner because I like the comfort of being told what to do without having to think for a little while.”


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So secure that I have no problem whatsoever embracing my most feminine side… I love it, and play it like an art form. The best examples I can give are Archibald Cunningham, Doc Holliday (nonsense… I have not yet begun to defile myslef… I’m your Huckelberry), and of course, Jack Sparrow… Let me stumble all around you like a helpless little girl… don’t turn your back gents… or ladies.

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Pretty damn secure, I’d say. There’s no doubt in my mind which way I swing.

But I’d still marry Tom Brady in a minute and have his baby.


Very secure. I feel very comfortable in my own masculine skin, yet I’m not afraid to express my sensitive, “feminine” side, like being partial to sentimental songs, movies, etc., or outwardly showing my love for my children, like kissing and hugging them in public. A lot of men tend to shy away from that, thinking it makes them look “sappy” and “weak”. However, I think to deny that or to repress that side of me would make my life less meaningful and rich. Like my wife said to me before we got married, “A man who loves his children and shows his tender affection for them is probably one of the most attractive and sexiest things a man can reveal to others.”

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Like the other answers, I have no problem being feminine or expressing my opinions about the attractiveness of other men, for example. I take aesthetic pleasure examining attractive humans like they’re a foreign, exotic, alien lifeform lol. I am never pressured to act macho around men, because I don’t care what they think.

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I find men and women to both be extremely sexy. Funny story actually, I caught myself lusting after my zumba instructor today (we’re both women). I would consider myself straight because I get more pleasure from men but I would certainly be willing to try things with women too. Just find me the right one.


@CyanoticWasp LOL. (Um, I don’t think I could have answered that to his satisfaction! Gulp!)

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Not very secure, if armed maniacs broke in to my house to kill me, I seriously doubt my appreciation of nice legs would do anything to protect me.

yea, I’m fine with it

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I’m very secure. I know I’m all homosexual with effeminate tendencies, though of course I’m capable of recognizing when a woman is beautiful or cute, but I don’t find them sexually attractive. Of course, as with anything sexual, I’m open to something changing. But this is how it’s been for as long as I can remember…

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I’m scared shitless—I think I might be a lesbian.

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Extremely. I’ve come far enough to know pretty well what I like, what my limits are, and that being closed-minded is really no fun at all. ;)

Overall, I’m very comfortable with my tastes, my preferences, and my experiences. I have no apologies for what gets me going and I am always open to trying something new. I’m just really adventurous in general – that goes for outside of the bedroom, too.

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I’ve been openly bisexual for 25 years – I’ve been secure in my sexuality for longer than I’ve been secure about my own gender.

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I’m ok!

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Very.I’ll pick you some flowers,then beat you with them! XD

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Secure enough to not give a shit about what others think. I know what I like and who I like to fuck, and my taste in drinks has no bearing on my sexuality.

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Go, Mr. Shiny Shoes!

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Very secure. I’m not sure what examples I can give you though. I identify as bi-sexual and, whilst I don’t flaunt it, I have no problem with people knowing. I have been attracted to females as well as males since I was a very young girl and, seeing as I never outgrew that, I’m pretty sure it’s not “just a phase”!

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A heterosexual guy who is truly confident in his masculinity doesn’t hesitate to blow his buddies because he isn’t afraid of acknowledging and honoring the feminine aspect of his character.

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The closet I’ve ever come to that is tongue-kissing a Marine in order to escape one of the ugliest prostitutes I have ever seen.

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@jerv Slip, methinks. Closet = closest. Quite Freudian.

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@seazen Ah, the dangers of posting from a smartphone :p

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Pretty secure. I’m pretty much mostly gay…and don’t understand how anyone of any gender wouldn’t look at Hugh Jackman and be forced to say “I’d hit that.” I also don’t understand, however, how anyone of any gender wouldn’t look at Bai Ling and be forced to say exactly the same thing.

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And so, @seazen you’ve gotten your show and it’s time for your end of the bargain. Do tell.

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Fair enough: I am quite secure.

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@seazen secure and enigmatic. I see how you play.

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Let’s just say that I could survive, and even thrive, sexually, in any situation. Desert Island, Jail, Australia.

I love women, don’t get me wrong, and I do not “swing both ways” – I am just very secure in my sexuality and believe that there is a very broad sexual spectrum – it’s not black and white.


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@seazen – Cheater. ;-)

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I’d even do you. Just saying.

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@seazen are you saying you’re flighty? oh look at that. Another avian reference. Knew I could get one in.

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Nah. I’d probably chicken out at the last minute.

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@MissAnthrope Seazen has a thing for tits you see.

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Ah, I should have guessed. You know how much I love boobies.

I’m sorry. That was entirely, 150%, predictable.

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Stool pigeon.

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@seazen so now you have a scat fetish also?

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Nope – still avian.

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Okay, here’s a treat from me to you.

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I’m more secure now than I was at 20. Before I would avoid having sex with the lights on and would never say what I really liked, now I don’t give a shit anything goes (porn, handcuffs, anal). I think it has also helped to have a man who is completely open about sex. He’s taught me a lot. I will even go so far as to point out sexy women to him when we’re out (damn baby look at THAT girls ASS!), even though I’m completely straight. But I can and do acknowledge when a women looks good and I let him look.

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