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Where would I find old newspaper articles on Atlantic City NJ online?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) December 15th, 2010

Just need to know.

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Contact a librarian. They have tools that can help. If you live there the libraries should have newspapers on microfiche. Not everything can be googled yet. You might have to stand up and walk.

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This newspaper only goes back as far as 1988 online. You will find older stuff if you do a Google news search and then choose archives from the panel on the left.

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How far back do you need to go?

Not all newspapers are available online. If you know the specific date of what you’re looking for the newspaper research department will get you a copy of the article, for a research fee.

What you’re looking for may be on I found the account of a death in St. Louis in the 1840’s was carried in 20 other newspapers, because of the sensational manner in which it occurred. I had no idea it was so newsworthy.

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Your library, or a local university library, probably subscribe to a database such as America’s Newspapers. You can use it to do a search for the information you are looking for. Many times the information is available right there online for you to access.

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The New York Times Proquest database goes back to the 1860s and should have articles on Atlantic City. It is available through library databases and may be accessible, as the Mouse says, from your home via a local library’s website. Call a library if you need help and ask for the reference librarian.

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