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Are you afraid of the posibility of World War 3?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) May 20th, 2014

I heard someone remarking that World War 3 may break out due to resent events. Referring to Russia and the Ukraine event and now the China and Vietnam thing over disputed waters

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No, I find that strangely liberating.. maybe I am a nihilist.

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I am more worried about a galactic war with the grey aliens (the mean ones).

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No, the time to be afraid is if that ever happens, don’t want to peak to early.

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I’m with @wingsonroots
It’s high time this planet started over, minus humans. I say let the birds and the bees rule. Foolish creatures we are and hey, a world war would take care of my retirement worries.

I’m a child of the 60’s and 70’s, seriously, the time has come to either evolve or die. Pretty sure dying off is more likely.
Where the hell is Godzilla when we need him the most? lol

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@Coloma There may not be any bees left to rule the place.

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@Dan_Lyons True, there are not many left now. Okay, Cockroaches win. lol

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Since the end of WW III, there has been an extraordinarily long time without war between major powers. If we did not go to war over Cuba, we are not going to war over Ukraine. It just is not worth it. There is too much at stake in terms of international trade to get caught up in a war.

I don’t know what will happen between China and Vietnam, but there is no way that the U.S. is going to go to war over it.

The bigger threat is the instability that could result from worldwide climate change.

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Not really,there will be a lot of sabor rattling ,but that;s about it, and both sides know this I don’t know what kind of weapons that will fight in WW3 but I do know know WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

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I don’t see it happening anytime soon if ever.

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Too late, we’re in the middle of a slow-burning WW3 already.

WW4 within 20 years. probably less.

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The world has changed. I think the time of war in the style of the world wars is over.

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World War III certainly isn’t going to start over something like the Ukraine situation or the dispute between China and Vietnam. The next world war will be over dwindling resources such as oil.

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^^^ The next world war will be over dwindling resources such as oil.

And/or water!

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^^ And/or phosphorous unless we turn towards turning the dead into fertilizer.

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What’s their to be afraid of? War or no war, we’re all taking the earth out anyhow. (See melting ice caps, melting twice the rate initially thought to be in 2014)

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Nope. It falls pretty far down a very long list of items under the heading “Things Over Which i Have No Control.”

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Not even a little bit concerned. The military, from what those of us still serving can see and believe, is that attention is based on worldwide events that are encapsulated in small geographical areas and how, if we committed resources there, how it would affect the overall manpower numbers.

For example, the spurious war on terror in Afghanistan, examining future contingencies if North Korea were ever a genuine threat (they’re laughable, no matter how much they threaten and posture), possible escalating events in Africa, and the current fiasco in the Ukraine.

The powers that be have to examine the builds up’s and shortfalls of troops at home and troops abroad and also weigh the possibilities of committing even more resources to events that haven’t happened yet but could possibly arise and how that would stress out overall demands of all 4 of the service components.

If it did come to World War 3 though, with us having to face off with one nation in a large conventional type war (nukes are a complete afterthought, in my opinion, because no one wants that catastrophic event to happen anymore), it would be problematic because the U.S. military just doesn’t have the manpower levels as it did many years ago and it would be hard to amass that type of manpower needed in a short time to fight such a large conflict.

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No. Turn off your fucking TVs, dammit!

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I 3rd that….TV, ugh!

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It seems that some jellies here mentioned my country’s struggle with China. Ugh, they are pushing us more and more.

I don’t want any war to happen, but judging by the world’s situation now, I doubt it will be avoidable…

Who knows, maybe one day I will be in the army and firing real machine gun toward the Chinese fuck you China!

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If there’s a World War III, it will start in the Southern US along the border states where millions of illegals (a/k/a criminals) many of whom are members of Mexican and Colombian drug cartels and have infiltrated American society. Sooner, rather than later, some of the folks down here are going to say “Enough of this shit” and start firing. A major power such as North Korea or more likely one of the Muslim states such as Iran will be shown to be allied with the drug cartels which will have gone running to them for help. Some idiot in one of those nuclear nations will push the button and obliterate a large portion of the Southwest and that will be the trigger. And yes, the Mexican drug cartels are allied with some of the radical Muslim organizations and it wouldn’t take much to kick things off.

What would really be strange about a scenario such as this is that we would probably be strongly allied with countries such as China because history has proven that war creates alliances no one would believe were possible.

Unless you live down here in a border state, you really don’t realize how serious the problem of illegal immigration really is and tend to blow it off. It is reaching the crisis stage and the idiots in Washington want to help keep the illegals here when they should all be rounded up and sent back south of the border before all hell breaks loose.

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@TheRealOldHippie Wow….that’s certainly a scary thought.

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That has got to be the most paranoid, delusional bit of nonsense I’ve read in a while.

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@Darth_Algar Haha..well…I guess it comes down to possibility vs. probability, anything is possible, but probable is a whole ‘nother can of frijoles. lol

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Darth Algar – It’s obvious you don’t live in a border state. Stay up there in the hills of Kentucky, drink your moonshine and live in your splendid state of blissful ignorance and you’ll no doubt survive any conflict. But the time will come when even you will find it comforting to have a loaded gun in the nightstand next to your bed.

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I actually live in a majority Hispanic city with a very large number of immigrants (legal status undetermined), and a not insignificant amount of gang activity, far from Kentucky, but thanks for trying.

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@LostInParadise I think you may have a good point. Ultimately I think the next world war will be about things like water and food.

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No, not really. I save my worrying for what Mother Nature has in store for us. I view the human species as a virus and, just like in the human body, antibodies will fight the infection. The only question is how will we be taken out. Or at least reduced to a non-threatening level.

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And for a different perspective, I DO live in a border state. The problem of illegal immigration has been blown up all out of proportion by those who must have something to fear and someone to blame. The flames are fanned by mainly republican politicians to feed the fear and thereby garner the votes.

But, the media focuses on the extremists. The vast majority of the people I know, including most republicans, are not that stressed out over it. Many are working folks, just trying to keep their head above water and figure out how to afford the new IPhone. Most probably work with or have an illegal alien working for them. They don’t even think about it until some politician or Talking MediaHead tries to foment trouble by making a big deal out of it.

I am not saying that people are not coming across the border, they are; much like they have since the border was decided upon. It is not a new phenomena, just something that has been brought to the forefront in recent years. I am not saying that a terrorist might not have crossed the border but given the choice between hiking several days across a desert and taking a bus down from Canada, I would say the vast majority would choose the latter way in. And yes there are drug gangs and cartels and many probably have homes for themselves and families in the US. But they are a problem of our own making. We make it possible for large amounts of cash to be had producing, buying and selling drugs. Take out the profit, legalize it, tax it and the problem will be vastly reduced ( there will always be people trying to get around the tax laws).

When someone tells you what a huge problem illegal immigration is as them to explain why. Chances are all you will get will be a litany of those 30 second political sound bytes with no real substance and no data to back up the claims.

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My opinion, and this is only an opinion, is that it is not the fact that they are illegal that is so threatening to the average Conservative Christian Right Wing Republican Voter it is the fact that they are, for the most part, Hispanic. They don’t like the non-whites who are here legally or were even born here either and would get rid of them too if they could find a way but it is not politic to say such.

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