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Ever have to try to convince yourself that you love someone, just because you think you should be with them?

Asked by seazen (6113points) December 15th, 2010

For whatever reason: married for 10 years and don’t want to break it up, maybe there are kids; maybe you fell out of love, and hope it’ll come back; maybe you have rationalized things… or romanticized…

Whatever the reason why, do you think that: one can fall back in love – if you give it a chance?

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Yeah, I tried. Didn’t work. I couldn’t make myself love someone who had stopped being a lover and not felt like a sister. I moved on.

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Yes, too much of the time. Now it’s me, dog and cat, happily ever after! ;)

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I’m pretty sure I’ve never been in love with anyone ever, and never tried to convince myself otherwise. However I’ve deluded myself with many other things, so I’m sure that’s possible. Conviction is very strong.

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Red flag, I move on.

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Yup. It was the kind of deal where, we seemed like we’d be a great couple in theory, so I thought “I should be in love with this guy!” So I told myself that I was. But I just wasn’t really feeling it, for some reason.

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Yeah… We broke up pretty quickly after.

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Yes, with my ex-husband. I’ll never do it again. But now I’m so totally in love with my S/O i see why it would be a hard thing to make yourself do.

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Yeah, a few times. I tried hard to make it work; in each case, it was a long-term relationship and I was committed to trying to improve things. One of these was a pretty healthy relationship, so we both communicated and tried to get what we needed, but the others were not and I was the only one fighting. Ultimately, though, regardless of effort, none of these relationships worked out.

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My mum claimed that she had fallen out of love with my dad quite a while before they finally got divorced. She said that she kept hoping the love would come back but it never did. He didn’t do anything wrong, the spark had just gone for her, apparently.

My current boyfriend is the only serious relationship I have ever had and I don’t think I could love him anymore than I already do. I hope I never lose that.

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