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Bluefish Fillets, how to cook?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) December 16th, 2010

My neighbor gave me some Bluefish fillets, and I am not sure how to cook them, originally I was thinking about putting them on the george foreman grill, is this a bad idea? I have never cooked them before so all input is welcome.

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I usually see them either baked or broiled. If they can be broiled, the foreman grill should work. Rub them with some lemon pepper and olive oil before grilling them.

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Place the fish on a piece of foil, top with a tomato and sprinkle some of your favorite spices on it, wrap it up and put it on the grill.

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I like to grill them, but it’s a good idea to soak them in milk for a couple hours beforehand.

Bluefish is an oily fish so soaking in milk will take away a bit of the overy strong fishy taste to it.

I like to use fresh oregano, tomato slices and lemon

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As to cooking time, just a few minutes (depending on thickness) on each side.

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In places where they sometimes get a bitter taste, I’ve heard of soaking them in milk to remove that.

Worked for the deer liver I ate, which was fairly bitter.

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