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Is it ok to grill fish on the BBQ?

Asked by earthduzt (3241points) July 25th, 2010

My friend just came back from a fishing trip in Alaska and he brought back 30 lbs of halibut and salmon. I was going to do some grilling today, and was just curious how fish turns out on a grill? Would it come out too dry? Should I wrap it in aluminum foil? What’s the best way to cook fish on the grill?

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Wrap that sucker in aluminium foil or NOT….... and enjoy!,1-0,grilled_salmon,FF.html

I love lemon, dill and garlic on my salmon… perhaps even a sauce with capers or lemon pepper. YUM NUM!

It will dry out if you cook it too long. Just keep an eye on it. I cook mine these days pre-marinated and in the little aluminium dish it comes in from the grocery store. It cooks just fine.

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iv’e always wanted to try that so I will watch this thread with interest.

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Some of the best fish I’ve had was grilled. Make however you like, but use aluminum foil or one of the grill pans with smaller holes. The fish will tend to fall through a regular grill.

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The best way to grill fish on the BBQ is over low heat. Either oil the BBQ first and keep flame away or get yourself a cedar plank and cook on top of that. Other than that, fish is best on the grill. You can foil it but if you do that I’d suggest adding some woodchips to smoke and keep the foil open on top and the grill shut.

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If it’s cut into steaks, you can oil it, season it and grill it directly on the grill. If it’s filets, I would wrap it in foil with some butter or EVOO on it, lemon juice, seasoning and garlic if you like. You can also put veggies like onions, peppers and mushrooms in the foil.

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Another idea: use a piece of wood right on the grill and set the fish on the plank. I think I’ve seen cedar used, but do a little research before you try this one. I haven’t done it myself, just eaten it, so be warned.

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I’ve grilled whole trout on a BBQ just as they are, brushed with butter. Same with swordfish steaks, as it’s a fairly solid kind of fish that doesn’t break up. I’d imagine fresh tuna would work too, but I haven’t tried that on a BBQ. For other more delicate fish I would wrap it in foil first, and add some butter to keep it moist.

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To me grilling is the best way to eat fish. I usually would marinate my fish in homemade seasonings for a few hours before grilling. I usually have the seasoning paste near by to coat the fish as I heat each side.

I usually grilled my fish (or any type of meat) over a homemade outdoor brick fireplace. We would chop up cherry, apple or some other type of “fruit” wood to grill our food on. This is much better than a charcoal or gas grill. However regular grilling works real good as well. Sunfish, bass and trout are very good over a grill.

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Halibut and salmon. Are you ever lucky!

Grill away! A fish basket is a handy aid.

Use some kind of liquid marinade or sauce to brush on the fish.

Don’t overcook.

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Oh! It is simply delightful. It adds to the flavor. It take only minute and less mess.

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thank you all for the great suggestions, these are all steak cut pieces of fish, I guess I will try both ways a few pieces in foil and some straight on the grill. Went to the back yard garden and picked off some okra, and fresh tomatoes. So it will be..Salmon and halibut steaks, fried okra, fresh tomatoes and rice for dinner and homemade strawberry ice cream for desert.

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I think you asked this question just to torment us with that amazing menu! YUM!

I’ve cooked salmon filets right on the grill (skin side up first, then finish with the skin down) and it held together just fine. For something like sole or flounder, I’d use foil packets. The foil packets are great because all of your seasonings and flavors stay right there with the fish, and it’s almost impossible to mess it up.

If you cook the salmon in a foil packet, try this: Stir together ¼ cup real maple syrup, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 or 2 cloves of minced garlic, and ground black pepper to taste. Marinate the salmon in this mixture for 30 minutes. When you wrap the salmon in foil, drizzle the maple sauce over the fish. It makes a delicious glaze.

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I was in the store today and I almost bought a fish grilling spatula. It’s extra wide so you can turn the whole thing without any of it flopping over the edges and breaking. I’ve also used a fish basket, and that’s an easy way of turning the fish over, but no matter how much oil you put on the basket, the fish always sticks and is hard to clean off. If you grill it on the grill, you don’t have to worry about that.

I marinate my salmon in soy sauce and molasses and sake and maybe a light oil if I’m going Japanese. I might also marinate it in lemon and olive oil, although the lemon can cook the fish all on it’s own (ceviche).

I’ve never cooked halibut. I’m sure it’ll hold up to the grill in steak form. I’d probably just throw on some salt and pepper, grill it, and serve it with lemon.

I’m not an aluminum foil kind of guy.

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On a cedar plank. Do it.

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Yes, use lemon salt and pepper and wrap in aluminum foil. spray the foil inside first, so the fish will not stick. keep a close eye on the fish as it tends to burn very easily, especialy salmon.

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I tried that cedar plank thing. I don’t see what it did for me.

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The second best way to cook fish is on the grill, wrap in foil with some lemon pepper, a pat of butter and a slice of lemon or orange.

The best way to cook fish is on a campfire in a cast iron skillet.

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Add a little white wine or lemon lime soda to the foil packet and you can poach the fish on the grill. Leave a small vent near one end to allow the steam out or you could get an unpleasant surprise.

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