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Has anyone tried out Startpage Search Engine?

Asked by Sweetpea (411points) December 16th, 2010

I have been using it for a while. It is supposed to be the worlds most private search engine and the only search engine that does not record your IP address. I am using it for the privacy thing, because it certainly doesn’t have the bells and whistles of Google. I would be interested in the opinions of other users.

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Could you provide a link so folks don’t have to google it?

OK, simple enough-

It looks nice, it works well as far as I can tell, and it is a meta-search with radio buttons to exclude some providers in case you don’t want Bing results or whichever. That’s a nice feature.

I’m playing with it now and will add more later if I have anything insightful to say.

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Its handy but nothing revolutionary. It has always been possible to use a proxy server and just use google as normal through that to the same effect.

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Also, for anyone concerned with internet privacy, I recommend the HTTPS Everywhere plugin for Firefox:

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