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Will this one class affect me even though I am passing all my other classes?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) December 17th, 2010

I’m a freshman in college and today is the final day of fall classes and a few minutes ago I just changed my major from journalism to communications liberal arts. Even though I’m passing all of my other classes such as mathematics,reading,and others, I’m very worried right now about this one class it seems I’m not doing really good at which is Public Speaking.From before it looked like I did pretty well then went down to almost falling below a C and this is the same teacher that doesn’t communicate with me nicely and has some type of attitude against me.

Today I came very late.She was going to mark an F but was still willing to give me another shot to probably boost up the grade so I did my powerpoint presentation along with my index cards.When I was done I was about to leave and she said to take back the cards because she said it was in some type of format she wanted it to be which I don’t understand since she never said anything like that about my index cards and she only said she’s going to give me an F on that one, not the power point.

When I went to the advising office, my advisor said honestly my teacher hasn’t done my grades yet so she doesn’t know if it’s going to affect me in anyway even though I’m passing my other classes.She said in her opinion that it shouldn’t affect me even if I am changing my major and I can still take my other new classes but it all depends on how my professor is hoping that I don’t have to take that class again.

Will this be any danger for such as with financial aid and other things? By the way, from a mail I got a few days ago I even got a letter from other colleges that they like my academic file and consider me to attend their colleges in the future.

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If you get an F, it will affect your grade point. Whether it will affect your financial aid, I couldn’t say because I don’t know what the requirements are.

Keep speaking with your adviser.

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Yes, this will affect you. You should have showed up on time and done what you needed to do, even if you don’t like your teacher and whatever. Its not their job to make you make an effort, its yours. Its theirs to grade the effort you make. You didn’t make the effort to show up, to do whatever else you needed to do to make a decent grade so you get the grade you earned.

Having an F, or any other grade lower than A, on your record will affect your GPA negatively even if its no longer required for your major. Bs have a minimal effect, Fs have a huge one. Which is why people tend to avoid them when they can. Having hours that you failed to complete can affect your financial aid. I wouldn’t count on mail from other institutions who have never seen your college work.

Your adviser is probably not telling you that an F won’t hurt you. They’re probably telling you that it won’t count toward your major. It still counts, just not toward what they are considering “major classes.” And they can’t tell you anything about how a theoretical grade, stacked up against other theoretical grades, that hasn’t been posted will affect you.

Honestly, not trying to be mean, but if you’re majoring in any kind of communications you might want to work on your writing. Its rather hard to follow.

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@klutzaroo Hey I was rushing to get somewhere so I just typed anything the best I can.Don’t worry, I came from a very proper and educated family and have done excellent with English ever since.But thanks for some of your details and answer.I also never typed anything that I disliked her either,and I know it’s my responsibility.I did all I can and tried to make it.If I didn’t care I would’t even have came and just say screw but I’m not that type of person.P.S. Happy Holidays.

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I agree it will count regarding your GPA. Most careers in Communications probably do not ask about your GPA though. But, you might have GPA requirements to actually get into the major of your choice, and since you are only a Freshman you might change your mind, so better to keep your options open.

I don’t see how being late should affect your grade. I agree you should be on time for class, it is selfish to disrupt class, especially if you do it on a consistent basis. But, you pay for that class, the professor sort of indirectly works for you.

I will say that 20 years from now I think you will look back and wish you took school a little more seriously. I, and many of my friends, wish we had studied a little harder, been a little more focused, and had taken advantage of all of the opportunities our university provided.

I have no idea about the financial aid. I assume there is information about the requirements to maintain your financial aid among whatever paperwork you might have? Or, a number you can call to get information. Certainly scholarships would mst likely have requirements, but if you are just talking about loans, maybe not? Not sure.

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You might be able to get a Withdraw or an Incomplete if they still do that sort of thing. Discuss this with your academic/financial adviser.

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It’s probably too late for a withdraw. You can take the class over, and it will expunge the F from your record. Are there other instructors teaching speaking? You may have to drop/add a few times to get a different instructor; I had to do this with a chemistry class when I was in college. I kept getting TAs with very strong Indian/Iranian accents who spoke very quickly, and I had a hard time understanding the class lectures. It took 5–6 drop/adds before I ended up with a TA from Germany who was a better lecturer.

As far as your GPA, you’re taking 12 hours, and have 3 A’s and an F, your GPA will be a 3.0. If you have 3 B’s and an F, it will be a 2.25.

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