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Opportunities for public speaking?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (576points) March 2nd, 2011

For years now, I’ve enjoyed every opportunity to give a public speech. This past weekend, I was best man at a wedding and stood in the middle of the room in order to give my toast. I was really nervous at first, but as the crowd reacted to what I said, I found myself milking it and having a lot of fun. So many people positively commented on the speech afterwards. What venues, vocations or opportunities are out there to hone my trade? I’d love to do more of this, but I don’t know where to look.

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Well, firstly you want opportunities that are sincere. Unless you wish to do stand up comedy. lol

Perhaps joining a group of something that really interests you as a spokesperson for a particular cause.

It would be hard to find the enthusiasm to give an impactive speech if your heart isn’t in it.

Find your passion (s) the rest will follow.

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Local civic groups like Rotary, and the Lions clubs often have events where they need an MC. If you were a member of one of these kinds of clubs or groups they would probably love to have you as a member.
If a church is part of your life then they often need speakers.
If you get involved with most any of the community groups they often have public events that need someone who is not shy about public speaking.

Of course there is always politics.

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Your profile doesn’t provide any information about your age or professional background, but I’m sure there are associations that are relevant to your vocation or interests. Many associations seek knowledgeable speakers for their educational events, etc.

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Well, there must be loads of places that have open mic nights for amateur speakers, and there also toastmaster’s clubs. You could also try joining a theater group. I find that most people who enjoy oration also like to take part in theater.

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Teaching – you get to be on stage daily!

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Toastmasters has state an regional competitions. If you attend church, teach a sunday school class. Get involved with Junior Achievement and speak at schools. join community theater.

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Get a megaphone and stand in front of a pornstore or abortion clinic and makes speeches about your love or hate of porn and abortion.

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Always find ways to speak about those things you have a passion for. If you only feel half-hearted about the topic, your audience will know it. I speak to groups of people that I want to reach out to. Pick your topics first. Get involved with the groups, that fight good fight, and volunteer. Don’t speak about a subject until you have immersed yourself in it. Fight for those that may not be able to fight for themselves. You’ll have people glued to there seats if you’re honest. Also, know your limitations. Don’t ever think you know where someone else has been, or where they are. Every situation is different.
If you’re going to go into comedy-be socially aware. Nothing turns an audience off faster than when you go over the edge. Respect is the most commonly ignored part of being “funny”

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