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'Tis the season to give. Do you?

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 17th, 2010

It’s going to be a different Christmas for me this year. I can’t seem to get into the celebrating and family stuff. I am thinking that next year, I will just spend time with those who need it (less fortunate). Putting a smile on someone else’s face’ll make me happy.

Do you take the time to give?

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This year I got the scheduling wrong so I missed a couple of chances in my community which really upset me, I love those things! so Katawagrey and I are trying to figure out what we can do for the kids in the pediatric ward of our little hospital. Wish us luck, I don’t yet know what restrictions there are, we may have to do some dancing to do something other than donating cash.

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Do I give. I give all year long not just during Christmas. This year I am giving all my closest buddies a hand drawn picture of what I believe their spirit animal is. I have to draw like 10 more.

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Years and years ago, the place I worked at gave each member of staff a turkey for Christmas. At the time, my family and I were all vegetarians, so the turkey was of no use to us, so I took it to the local homeless shelter for their Christmas dinner. They were so pleased to receive it, I ended up donating one every year, and when I no longer worked there, I would buy one especially for them. I added other things as well: a big bag of potatoes, some vegetables, stuffing and so on. The whole package cost about £30 and I reckon it would have fed about 8–10 people. Unfortunately the shelter’s closed down now so I haven’t done it the last couple of years.

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I give smokes and change to homeless dudes all year round. It’s barely fuckall though, but a lot of them seem to appreciate it. And fuck Christmas lol I hate it.

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Me and my boys drop off a big box of clothes and toys and stuff at the local shelter every year and we will do this next week. It is what I look forward to the most this time of year.

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We do, in many different ways. I started with my children early, so this year was a surprise. They beat me to the punch and picked out different ways to give back. It’s good to see that they are really understanding how to make the word a better place.

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I donate food to charities and if my work schedule permits, I also like to spend some time volunteering at food banks and shelters in our city.

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Not like that, no. I have little free time so I give what I can which is usually money or gifts for immediate family.

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@Neizvestnaya Same here…only all year around. The kids have been struggling, especially my youngest daughter, but I think she’s finally on a good road. We gave her our Suburban recently instead of using it as a trade on our Durango. She’s been without a vehicle for two years, but not for lack of trying. It’s been REALLY rough because she has two kids, to get to school, doctors, etc. (O, you should have seen her face when we told her!!!!) I’ve gotten a small bonus this year, and I’m using that to give my kids some relief. I guess they’re about as poor as anyone, especially my daughter.

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@Dutchess_III: I like the year round gifting way too, try where I can. I find when things are tough then I’m good with cutting back and focusing, I don’t miss things as much as when times are better and I just can’t get around to getting what I want.

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I do, gifts to my family and donations to charities. However, I don’t stop with Christmas. I give every single month of the year.

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@Neizvestnaya Yeah…I don’t get this once-a-year generosity. Like the folks who need help don’t exist the rest of the year? Now that I have some extra money above and beyond my own living needs, since July, I’ve dropped $50 each to the three churches around town that I know will help people with needs, such as utilities or rent. The people can only ask for that help once a year, and it’s a max of $50 they can get…but I know from my daughter’s experience that it can mean the world. I want to do my best to be sure the churches have the money when it’s needed.

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Yes, We do a little of everything year around. Oftentimes it’s when needs present themselves. We have regular charities to which we contribute, we tithe. We have different opportunities through our church, such as helping out at the local woman’s/kids shelter, and sponsoring a room there, which means we keep it furnished, painted, repaired, stocked etc. Our church also has a food bank we contribute too. On a more personal level, we have had people (in need) live with us for 20 months in the past 10 or so years.

I think putting a smile on someone else’s face is a great way to spend Christmas! You won’t regret it.

“to whom much is given, much is required”.

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I donate to a list of non-profits throughout the year and am anonymously helping out a young person who is in a dire situation.

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@Dutchess_III Your comment “I don’t get this once-a-year generosity” was very presumptuous that mine and others generosity stated here is a once a year endeavor! The OP ask about “tis the season” which would clearly address the current Christmas spirit or lack there of. I give many times throughout the year and take offense that you would imply that I or many of the other here only care but once a year.

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On Thanksgiving and on Christmas I do “Operation Turkey Drop” where I identify needy families and leave food (usually turkeys) at their front door and run away as fast as I can. I’ve only been caught once in about 10 years. I got the idea from Santa.

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@Cruiser : Many more lurve than the few I’m allowed for that…

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We donate through out the year as well. We’ll donated toys, food, clothes, and anything else we can when we can.

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@Cruiser I was just responding to the wording of the question, “Tis the season to give.” I didn’t even read your answer!

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@Dutchess_III Even more presumptuous IMO! There are a lot more year round givers than you apparently allow for. Happy Holidays!

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@Cruiser Well, you hear about people giving more at Christmas than any other time of year. I guess people who give year around just don’t talk about it as much as they do at Christmas time.

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@Dutchess_III That is the best part about giving…really! I can’t disagree that people give more this time of year and that is truly the sad part. Either Way…no hard feelings…tis the season as the OP says!

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