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What is your opinion of underbites?

Asked by Zyx (4160points) December 19th, 2010

I have one, I was wondering if it makes me less attractive. With Abraham Lincoln coming to mind, I’d also like to ask if they work better on either women or men or equally on both.

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Hard to answer without seeing a picture of you. Probably depends on how pronounced it is, and how straight your teeth are otherwise. Is your mouth always open because of it? Does it cause your chin to be thrust forward in an unnatural way? Perfect teeth seem to be more of an issue in America than other countries.

Some underbites can be corrected with orthodontia, others require surgery.


I don’t see it as a problem. It’s quite common in Asia (Japan, China). As BarnacleBill said, “perfect teeth” seems to be more of an issue in America than other countries.” That is true. I think here in America, a person’s image has to conform to an ideal perpetuated by the media or else that person is deemed less attractive. But beauty and attractiveness is arbitrary. The image of the underbite is commonly portrayed in paintings and other artwork in traditional Japanese culture, and is actually viewed as attractive, or at least appealing. It is a non-issue. But of course we live in America, where Hollywood and images of models seem to prejudice us to a certain image standard. Sigh!

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I don’t live in America (or Asia) and my mouth is almost always closed.
But thanks!

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Orthodonture is probably a good thing here. Not for cosmetic reasons, but for health reasons. Get yourself checked by a dentist or an orthodontist. My daughter has a pretty bad underbite and it was giving her some problems.

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If it’s an issue for you, and makes you feel self-conscious, then it will be an issue. Otherwise, probably not an issue. I’ve heard women say “he has nice teeth” or “nice smile” but I’ve never heard them comment negatively, unless a guy is missing teeth.

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I have a pretty significant one. but I have a very small nose. In my case it would take jaw surgery. I’ve always been considered attractive, it’s really not been a problem. It bothered me more when I was very young

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